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    New Apps for hotels to attract Millenials tourists

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Never before people have travelled only for pleasure as the Millenials are doing. Thus, don’t you think it is time for you to invest more in order to make them choose your hotel? In this post, we will talk to you about 4 new Apps for hotels that will make the Millenials come to your hotel.

    First of all, you have to know that the Millenials represent 20% of the worldwide tourism and here are some of their travelling habits:

    1) They are looking for added value. They want to experience! The Millenials prefer to spend money in experiences, instead of material assets. So, they are the perfect people you can sell experiences to. It seems that the best way to catch their attention is video marketing. Attract them with a nice storytelling video and make them feel emotions at every step of the travel.

    The 5 stages of the journey by Google


    2) They are looking for the best price, but they do not forget about comfort. They will not mind to share a room in a hostel, provided that this hostel matches with their requirements. Yet, although they do not really care about sharing resources, if they have the possibility to travel like kings at a reasonable price, they will do it without second thoughts, because in the end they like to show off on social media!

    3) They make decisions based on your online reputation. These young tourists analyse what it is said about your hotel on the Internet. Indeed, they will have no problem to spend time on the Internet to find out which hotel is the cheapest, read comments as well as ask anything they want on blogs. All of this means that you have to be careful with your online presence.

    4) Offer them FreeWifi and they will turn into promoters for your hotel. Before they book anything, the Generation Y will obviously make sure that they will benefit from a Free Wifi access anywhere in your hotel. So do it! Offer them FreeWifi. It has already become something you cannot avoid but moreover, don’t you wish that your young travellers share their experience in your hotel on social network?

    Who could better try new technologies than the Millenial tourists?

    Without any doubts, if you want a Millenial tourist to choose your hotel you have to be present on the internet. This is where they are going to look for you. In the case where they do not find your hotel brand, there is no chance for you to be taken into their considerations.

    Young people want to plan their holidays themselves. Consequently, the more self-manageable options and facilities you offer them, the more they will be interested in your hotel. A blog with quality content about the place where your hotel is settled and, for example, events and happenings that take place near your hotel could be a good start for your Millenials guests to find on the web at the moment of planning and taking decisions.

    Here are some of the newest Apps designed for hotels that can help you stand out from your competitors. Take advantage of the new technologies to be different!

    Guestperience, to improve your guest’s experience

    Guestperiece is very appreciated among the millenials because it allows them to customize to the maximum their holidays.

    Thanks to Guestperience, your guests are able to ask for any services in the hotel. For the hotel, it is a way to increase consumption within the establishment. As for your guests, it improves their experience in your hotel.

    Moreover, using Guestperience will allow your Millenial guests to get more information about events, restaurants, geo-localisation… According to the guests’ researches on the app, you will easily find out their needs. Then you will have a better data basis which will allow you to improve your marketing campaign and better serve the real needs of your guests, reaching your ultimate goal: to make them come back.

    App for hotels Guestperience


    Houtel. To keep in touch before, during and after the stay

    Houtel is an app that allows a hotel to communicate 24/7 with its guests. Through mail, notification or chat, the guest is able to get into contact with the staff from anywhere and ask for a service as well as discuss any doubt he or she may have.

    Houtel is designed to improved communication with guests before, during and after the stay. Thanks to this app, you will be able to send your guests offers or invitations to events, and keep up with the process of making them loyal even once they are gone.

    This app also allows you to publish and update at any time all the information about what your hotel has to offer. This way, you can increase consumption within your establishment. Your guests will know everything there is to know about your services!

    Moreover, Houtel gives your guests information about events in the city and not only in the hotel.

    New app for hotels called Houtel

    HotelYou, hotels that people are looking for

    Even though it is currently a webpage, HotelYou is working on an app for smartphones.

    HotelYou is a platform that aims at your guests but if you want to be a part of the innovation in this sector, you should be active on it.

    Your potential guests have to fill in their requirements about the kind of hotel they wish to stay in. If you are registered on the webpage, you will receive this information and you will be able to answer making them an offer they could not say no to.

    It is a complete turning point in the hotel research. The motto of HotelYou is “hotels that people are looking for”, putting aside the classic web-browsing among dozens of pages in order to find the best hotel that matches their tastes and needs. With HotelYou, the guest-user will just receive emails with hotels’ offers.

    Website for hotels called HotelYou

    Although in this post we decided to talk about these 4 Apps, the tourism industry is endlessly gifted with new ones. Any idea of another one?


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