Are you ready for Inbound marketing?

    Written by: Salvador Galindo

    Certainly, since I started my professional career I have seen dozens of trends in the fields of marketing and technology. Actually, we all have seen them. On many occasions we have worked on projects by following these tendencies. It is what our customers asked us to do, what our boss told us they were a fantastic idea, or simply because we firmly believed in them. But each of them leaves a residue that remains in the status quo of our profession and society.

    Now, are you ready for Inbound marketing? This new marketing methodology responds to the possibility of being part of the dialogue between companies and customers. Today the example to follow is not the big company one, which is launching advertising campaigns through traditional media. Today the relevance of these media is not that powerful and SME’s need alternatives to reach their prospects in a much more inexpensive way. Our customers, whatever how old they are, look for information through the Internet, and their age only tells us the tool they will use.

    We now how online advertising has evolve in the past years and how it’s been comparable with offline advertising and as cold as this last one. That’s why it has resulted in a rejection of such advertising. We are blind to banners, we are not interested in remarketing and AdWords is a tool increasingly intrusive.

    Possibly we buy when someone decides it’s time to purchase, but now we decided to research for all the options we have available and what’s really interesting for us. Plus, other users’ opinions are increasingly more important. There are even people who makes it easier for when they publish a product demonstration video or a review.

    So you need to attract by offering high quality content to your prospects, in order to start a process to identify and find solutions to their problems (awareness) and obtaining alternative (evaluation) before purchase (decision). This will be accomplished by a qualified lead which means hi didn’t reach our website by chance or just because he was bored, but because he was truly interested in the products we offer. This one will be much more likely to close a purchase within a certain period of time.

    buyer's journey stages

    Possibly you’ll end up using this technique, because someone will recommend it to you, you’ll read somewhere that it will bring spectacular results to your strategy when capturing more leads, or just because the alternative is to spend more on advertising campaigns. But before that time comes, make sure you have:

    • A successful brand strategy.

    • A correct definition and presentation of your company.

    • Content related to your customers’ environment, their problems and solutions that bring your products.

    • Content about your satisfied customers, describing the reasons that led them to select your products and the reasons for their satisfaction.

    • Content that adds value to your client during evaluation and decision stages.

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