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    Chatbots, what they are and what role they will play in the tourism sector

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Mobile messaging applications are part of the daily lives of more than 4 million users. Actually, the most used mobile applications are messaging, and communication through digital media is becoming more common and even more comfortable for some users.

    Within this framework, it is not a surprise that large companies think about how to go one step further in the mobile messaging sector and are working in the well-known chatbots to take to another level the online conversations.

    Many users are online and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Don’t you think brands should be available to these full-time users? In this case, automation is the solution.

    Chatbots, what are they?

    Bot is artificial intelligence software capable of autonomously performing some tasks, that is, without any human help. Some of these tasks could be to automatically add a user event to the calendar or reserve a table in a restaurant. For example, Google Calendar already automatically adds flights and stays for its users.

    So, by extension, chatbots are software capable of holding conversations almost as if they were human. Chatbots are the most frequent and recognized bot models. The objective of the business sector is to automate communication, that is, chatbots are able to create close messages and provide useful information to customers, improving service and support and extending it full time.

    Users will feel like they are talking to a real operator, but they will be doing it with a computer.

    Chatbots in the tourism sector

    Artificial intelligence has positioned itself among the digital marketing trends of 2017 and this includes the tourism sector, one of the most communicative with its users. As bots grow, mobile apps lose their power. According to data from the latest Google study, app downloads have decreased by 20% due to this evolution.

    How can chatbots help the tourism sector?

    A tourism business has an international presence. You can get an online booking from anywhere in the world, taking into account the different time zones and the problem of multi-language. A chatbot would be constantly waiting to answer the doubts of these users who, as we have said, can arrive at any time and using any language.

    Any message, at any time and on any channel. A chatbot will work your business’ corporate message also considering your products and / or services. Bots can be implemented in any channel or social networks, increasing this way the chances of getting to your tourist business’ target audience.

    Analysis of data at the time. Bare in mind chatbots can perform real-time analysis and they are able to store and process a large amount of information (for example, the conversations they keep with your users). This will actually allow you to segment your database in detail; hence it will help you to work more effectively your email marketing campaigns, among other strategies.

    Your customers’ satisfaction. Offering your target audience a 24 hours a day service the whole year round, is already a source of satisfaction. With a chatbot they can solve their doubts at that moment and wait no more for an operator to be available. They don’t have to be answered the next day, or next Monday if they ask during the weekend.

    Your chatbot will always be available and willing to help users by offering quality answers as well. In short, having a conversation with them. Customer service is one of the features that most consumers take into account. In fact, poor customer service can make you lose a sale or reservation.

    So are you ready for the change? Find more information and other tools for automation in the tourism sector.

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