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    6 posts for your hotel’s marketing. The best of 2016.

    Written by: Cristina García

    We have much to thank 2016 and you who are on the other side. Therefore, and having in mind the most requested topics, we have compiled a collection of posts that we believe are most important for your hotel’s online strategy.

     1. Knowing the keys to succeed with branding for hotels

    Your hotel’ identity is its calling card, that will help to shape the image consumers will have. And it is not only important that you consider it for your potential customers, but also for your employees.

    A hotel has to be different, especial, memorable… It has to distinguish its unique offering among others, that’s why branding is a very important aspect when building your hotel’s marketing strategy.

    When your brand is appealing, it helps you to achieve your goals, to succeed as well as face the competition. Branding is about making it easier for clients to connect with your hotel’s identity. Never overlook it, since it can either make you be well-known and grow fast or it can ruin your reputation. Since you don’t want the last, here are the main keys to succeed with branding for your hotels. 

    2. Choose a suitable online booking engine for your website 

    If you have already set up your own website, the next step is to invest in its own booking engine. Why? Because being OTA or tour operator free will only benefit your business. If your turn your hotel’s website into an active business platform you will not just win more customers, but: 

    • You will be able to safe on commissions from other customer providers, since any procedure is from your site.

    • Your booking engine will safe you from manual work, since you will be able to automate the booking process efforts.

    • You will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and available around the world.

    There are advantages you cannot pass by, since your visits won’t have to leave your website if they want to book you a room. Bear in mind that an online booking engine will also allow your potential guests to easily buy your hotel’s products or services no matter where they are or what device they are using. Is the way any traveler consumes nowadays and decides to make a purchase. Now, do you know which is the right online booking engine for your hotel? 

    3. Apply the best practices to have a better SEO

    Now you know why you should have your own booking engine and how it should be. Now its time to apply the best practices to improve your webpages SEO, in order to have more traffic, which can convert into leads and then customers.

    The first Inbound Marketing stage is to attract traffic, especially if they are qualified users. Hence the knowledge and research of your potential customers is so important. Because you need visits, but not any visit. You need traffic to have more opportunities to convert into customers.

    With that in mind, you should start applying the best SEO practices to get the attention of these users. They will query about their travel plans on search engines. And if you know them well, it will be easier for you to answer their questions, in order to increase your chances to reach the first page of results (SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages) of Google, Yahoo or Bing.




    4. Best hotel blogs and how to succeed with yours

    As you know, the Internet has become the first source of information for several years, especially among younger people, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. And not only that, but this year mobile has already surpassed the computer as the main device to access the Internet.

    The behavior of those users consuming content has proven that you need to have an online presence, as well as to be more than prepared for the responsive design. Specially, within the tourism sector.

    So making your hotel’s website a touristic information source for your potential guests will help you to improve your revenue. In this way, you will be taken into account when they are making the decision to travel to your destination and need to book a hotel stay. 

    In addition, a blog will help you to improve your website positioning (and your booking engine). Thus, your potential customers will found you more easily.

    There are many blogs, so it is necessary that you take your content marketing strategy very seriously from the beginning. Your objective will be to stand out among the competition. This is what the next four hotel blogs have achieved. Take note!

    5. Have also in mind the video marketing success 

    Video also led to increasing conversion rates by up to 85%. For this reason, many hotel chains are adding an authentic, compelling and informative audiovisual content to attract travelers and to differentiate themself from other tourist brands.

    Most consumers say that watching videos of products gives them more confidence when making a decision, before booking. And have in mind that users love to share experiences and, even more, consume them in video format. This helps your web, bookings and loyalty.

    Google also says that within a year or two, half of online searches will be done on mobile devices. Hoteliers are already echoing the impact of mobile on the traveler’s journey and the importance that video marketing will have a strategy.

    In addition, video marketing is like using skates to roll around the Internet. Any video can travel much more than a piece of text over the network. It’s easily shared and it spreads exponentially. So if you want to change your shoes for roller skates, you need to know the examples of successful video marketing for hotels.

    Because, if we understand the needs of our users and we express them through our video storytelling, we will be able to engage them with our product and let them choose us and not our competition.

    6. Automate your social media publications easily 

    We already know that social networks are a must among hotels and hotel chains. There is no doubt that Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (among other social media platforms) are the perfect way to reach your potential customers or to maintain contact and get your customers’ loyalty.

    Especially among millennial tourists, these networks are the perfect place to capture their attention. In fact, these tourists between 25 and 35 years spend much of their time surfing and communicating through social media. That’s why you want and you must be there.

    But in this post we don’t want to talk about how importance social media platforms are for your hotel, but how to make it easier for you to interact in these new media and analyze the results of your actions. To do this, we present five valuable tools that will save you a lot of time and tell you if you are on the right track.

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