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    A database with a million contacts? No, thanks.

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    ‘Delete’ and ‘contact’ are two words difficult for you to picture together when you’re digging into your database. Am I wrong? How on earth would you delete a contact when it’s so hard to get it? Well, we hope to make you change your mind. Because even though your database is the foundation of many of your strategies, you should review your leads. Do you know the best way to manage your contact database?

    Ideally you have to review your contact lists every six months. But it will also depend on how fast your database is growing. Why would you want to keep contacts that did not interacted with you for months? Do you really want contacts ignoring your emails? Most likely they forgot they subscribed to your newsletter, or they are getting so much information that yours is lost in their inbox.

    But don’t you worry because they will always have the chance to re-subscribe to your newsletter if they wish. But what is clear is that right now they don’t benefit you at all. 

    Are they really your prospects?

    If you cannot ‘nurture’ them with content in your lead nurturing campaigns, they are not valid prospects. To improve results, it’s necessary to get rid of the load of inactive contacts. Even if you didn’t think so, these contacts don’t only bother your ego, but can lead to negative results.

    Think that email administrators like Outlook or Gmail may consider SPAM your emails if recipients repeatedly ignore them. And these actions don’t interest you. Isn’t it?

    And even some of these contacts have been able to reach you looking for your own contact, in order to offer you their products. Like the follow-to-follow from Twitter or Instagram. In short, meaningless contacts.

    Analyze and delete contacts with negative score

    You shouldn’t just look at your emails' opening rate. Because even if your recipients open your emails, that doesn’t mean they find your content interesting. The important thing is the feedback you get in the last emails you sent. Has the user interacted with your content? Check out the click rate.

    For example, the HubSpot tool already offers you the ability to ignore sending emails to contacts who had low activity in recent months.

    HubSpot allows you to ignore contacts with little participation.

    Keep focus on active users

    Your goal is not getting all the possible prospects within your industry. What for? Something similar happens with the profiles of social media platforms. Do you really need to get thousands of followers if they don’t interact with your content or become your promoters? This might sound familiar to you but it’s very true: quantity is not quality.

    Believe it or not, these inactive users make you spend time and money. Softwares like HubSpot or MailChimp charge you for the number of users in your database. That’s why you shouldn’t invest in invalid users. Instead invest your time and efforts in the users who do care about your hotel.

    Qué es lo que no está funcionando

    When analyzing your contacts, you can do a feedback job and notice your weaknesses. Perhaps these contacts stopped interacting because they lost interest at a certain point of communication. Can you learn something from it and improve your strategy? In the end, a retrospective analysis will always help you to improve your future campaigns and communication strategies with new users.

    Think that, the fewer quality users you handle, the better you can focus your efforts, customize your content and know where in the traveler's journey they’re in. In short, you can improve your lead nurturing strategy and increase the number of conversions to guests.


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