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    Do you want to sell your hotel rooms in your Facebook page?

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Facebook is becoming not only the social network par excellence, but also a new search engine. Although Google continues to beat this platform by the number of daily searches, Facebook can already show some important figures. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is currently generating 2 billion searches a day.

    These numbers plus the amount of monthly users that connect to the social network (1.79 million in 2016) have already led many companies to put their eye and efforts on Facebook.

    The great news is that now Facebook offers you the possibility to close sales without your users having to leave the network. Facebook has positioned itself as the first (and currently the only) social network that allows your business to do the functions of an ecommerce.

    This is an added value for companies that sell products, such as hotel establishments that want to boost their direct sales. Also for those business that cannot afford to have their own website with online sales.

    How can you boost your sales on Facebook?

    As you may or may not remember we have already talked about the Facebook algorithm and its changing trends. In this blog post you can catch up on how Facebook works to decide which publications will have more relevance in your followers news feed and which not.

    That is why today we will focus on those actions that will help you boost your sales on Facebook. Not because the social network says so, but because these strategies really help us boost the affinity between the brand and our followers:

    1. Call-to-action buttons. 

    If you want to sell your touristic products or services from Facebook or simply add a value proposition to your company’s social page you can work your CTA buttons. It is an optional and versatile tool.

    Calls to the action on this social network can benefit your business no matter what they aim for. Let’s say you want to invite users to register in your website, to see your catalog or, simply, to encourage them to the purchase. You can do these among many other options. It is a way to make the process easier for your users, since CTA buttons are the first thing they see when entering your page.

    For example, in this image we can see the case study of Talaso Atlántico hotel, which have included the 'Book' button on its Facebook page.

    Talaso Atlántico Hotel Facebook page.

    2. Facebook Ads. 

    Facebook has become a true expert of personalized advertising. This platform ability to segment your followers is huge. Then, with Facebook Ads, you can reach a very specific target (custom audiences) while reaching thousands of users around the world. In this way, the margin of error of traditional advertising is radically reduced, since this last one indiscriminately tries to reach as many users as possible no matter if they have interest in your products or not.

    The Facebook advertising tool allows you to choose from different possibilities, depending on your goals. Do you want to increase your conversions? Do you want to get more fans? You choose.

    Retargeting is one of the most remarkable options Facebook offers. This social network will take into account those users who have started a reservation process in your hotel but have not finalized it. Then, it will show you ads or offers, as set, to persuade them to finalize the booking.

    3. A video without leaving Facebook.

    It's no news that Facebook allows you to share videos on your business profile. But, did you know that you could segment the social network advertising according to who visualized a certain video?

    Whether you do or do not want to invest in Facebook Ads, including videos on your Facebook page will help you both to improve your positioning, and to get more feedback from your users. According to data from Daniel Devai, Social Media & Digital Analytics of Epsilon company, videos embedded in Facebook increase its reach by 233%.

    4. As much information as you can.

    Your Facebook page should offer as much information as possible about your hotel. This includes web address, email and contact phone, among others. Think your social networks profiles are often the first results that Google offers when you search for a business.

    So be sure to appear with the updated data and a recognizable image of your brand. This action not only helps you in your SEO positioning, but also will show you as a trustworthy and accessible company.

    5. Interact with your followers.

    Facebook tells both your followers and other network users what your response time is regarding their queries. This should not exceed 24 hours. This means customer service. Social media users ensure that one of the reasons why they follow a brand in their social profiles is to get a closer treatment. Then you must give it to them, it is what they expect you to do.

    Red social Facebook

    6. Create your catalog on Facebook. 

    Did you know that you could create a product catalog on Facebook? You can include for each product a brief description, an image and a 'buy' button.

    Another possible application in this social network is to include a button to create discount coupons. In this sense, you will reward your followers while encouraging others to become one too and they will download your coupons to exchange them later directly in your booking engine. The application of discount coupons is a way to reach those potential customers who intend to purchase directly.

    Do you know the selling options you have on Facebook?

    You need to know that you can sell the same products in Facebook as you sell in your business website. Now, you know there is always a but, then, we advise you to offer a differentiation, an advantage for the your Facebook followers. That will encourage other users to follow you too. Who doesn’t want to get the best products at the best price?

    Again, on the Talaso Atlántico hotel Facebook page we can see a clear example of these alternative products. They have decided to offer gift vouchers, a product other than the one they sell on their website and specially designed for their followers.

    Online bonuses on Talaso Atlántico Hotel's Facebook page.

    When creating your store or catalog on Facebook you have two options, link your hotel website (and your booking engine) with your Facebook page, or rely solely on the Facebook store for your direct sales. The latter is a good choice for those who are just starting out.

    In case you have both a website for direct sales and a store on Facebook, you can decide if users will close the purchase on the Facebook page or if they will be redirected to your website to finish the process. One way or another, it is important that you take advantage of your Facebook page to direct your followers to your website and vice versa. It's a way to increase your traffic on both platforms and create an affinity with your potential guests.

    It is logical to think that depending on who your target is; it will be easier to get that sale from the social network. The younger consumers are more willing to these new forms of sale. To direct your fans (or give them the option) to finish the purchase on your web can benefit those no so technology-friendly prospects who are not so used to purchase in this new type of social store. Creating a community that is loyal and willing to buy, is up to you.

    Another advantage of Facebook is that it has a good FAQs page and various tutorials for programming different strategies in the network. In addition, Facebook is a very intuitive platform and companies don’t usually have problems when working professionally with it.

    In this Entrepreneur article you can find four applications that will help you create your ecommerce within your Facebook page. Are you ready?


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