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    Keys to succeed with branding for hotels

    Written by: Cristina García

    A hotel has to be different, especial, memorable… It has to distinguish its unique offering among others, that’s why branding is a very important aspect when building your hotel’s marketing strategy.

    When your brand is appealing, it helps you to achieve your goals, to succeed as well as face the competition. Branding is about making it easier for clients to connect with your hotel’s identity. Never overlook it since it can either make you be well-known and grow fast or it can ruin your reputation. Since you don’t want the latter, here are the main keys to succeed with branding strategies for hotels. 

    1. Get to know your customers.

    It is crucial to understand who are the potential guests you want to attract and to figure out how they communicate in order to reach them. Keep in mind you have to be in any media where your prospects are spending their time.

    It is also very important to know what is appealing to your customers and why they would choose your hotel instead of another one. Never forget that branding is all about satisfying your ideal guest’s needs.

    2. Strengthen your brand’s identity.

    Your identity is a combination of visible, emotional and communicative features. So as much as your brand’s visual identity is important, your brand’s philosophy it is too. You have to keep in mind that all your brand’s elements through which your hotel will be recognizable need to be consistent.

    Your hotel’s logo, your tagline, your corporate colors, your values and your content… All these elements need to reflect and support your hotel’s brand position. They have to create emotions and host experience that people will remember. You need to leave a mark, because they will be your hotel’s best ambassadors.

    3. Memorable logo and slogan.

    Your clients as well as potential clients need to identify your logo and your slogan directly with your hotel and its values. That is why it is also very important that people can recognize and remember them easily. Again, you need to know well how your ideal customers are, in order to make sure your approaching them the right way with a logo and a copy they can rely on.

    Try not to be subjective, since we are talking about your ideal customer’s preferences. Furthermore, you have to make sure that they look good and sound right. If they don’t, you will not attract the ideal guests you wanted to attract in the first place.

    branding hotels - six keys to succeed

    4. Brand’s universality.

    Let’s say you want to build more hotels all around the world. Then you really have to pay attention to your slogan and its meaning. In fact, you have to make sure that your slogan and so the logo are universal enough for developing your hotel in foreign countries.

    Not every culture has de same values or preferences. So don’t take for granted yours as the only ones. Make some research to figure out if your hotel’s most visual elements can be misunderstood in other countries. Bare in mind, that a mistake like this one can ruin your reputation.

    5. Online exposure.

    Big hotels may have enough money for carrying out some marketing activities. However, thanks to its breakthrough and its growing importance, Internet has shrunk the gap between small and big hotels. Now you can reach customers through multiple channels.

    If you do not have enough resources, focus on the Internet and social media that can make you known better and faster. Don’t forget you will need to develop a good content strategy, with a copy that represents your hotel’s identity. Since branding is not just a visual feature, but emotional and communicative too.

    6. Resalta tus diferencias.

    Last but not least, remember that your hotel needs to express its differences. Every hotel has a special feature that makes it distinct from its competitors. You should leverage these differences and turn them into your strength. Focus on it and create a consistent and relevant content on whatever platform you can communicate with your customers. Do not forget that the more synchronized is your marketing campaign, the more you will attract customers.


    Keep in mind that you always have to be credible and meet your customers’ expectations. You also need to make sure that whatever you have promised to your customer though your brand’s identity, you have to make sure that you will be able to deliver it. For that, you certainly have to know how is your hotel and how this makes your guests feel.



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