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    5 Tips to Create a Brand Online. How to Move from Like to Buy.

    Written by: Cristina García

    The beginnings of the word Branding come, according to the experts, from the time of the invasion of the Vikings in England. In fact, the term brand comes from Brandr, Viking word that means "burn"... And you wonder, what has to do the one with the other? Very simple. At that time, we are talking about the year 700 and something, farmers began to mark their cattle with hot iron stamp and painted a sign on their skin to differentiate them. Thus, the word Brand joined his everyday vocabulary. Still, in prehistoric times this association existed between icon and meaning...

    It's been a long time and, not surprisingly, today brand is much more than a simple icon to distinguish a property from another. In a consumer society like ours, brand is the essence of a brand, its soul, its DNA. But it is clear that it is useless to have a great brand if it does not reach to the people, the public, the consumers.

    Andy Stalman, marketing specialist with great reputation in Spain and Latin America, suggests the introduction of a new term. In his book Brand Off On. Branding of the future that you can buy here, said that "fusion and synergy of both -branding and marketing- brandketing born. The marketing unbranded has no soul. The branding without marketing is dumb. A new word for a new world." Stalman said that today's products have to connect with the audience, a digital public that moves and consumes in an online environment.

    But really, we felt at the edge of a precipice... Internet is still very young and some of us, not so much. But it is clear that there is no turning back. We must renew or die. Do not be afraid, evolve, spread your wings and learn to fly. Jump into the void, but surely, with charisma and impetus.

    If you want, here are 5 basic tips to create branding online:

    1. We start with the logo. It is preferable that the image of your brand, your distinctive, would have good contrast and visual consistency. It must be extremely readable. The current trend is flat, without shadows or exaggerated effects... Sometimes simple is what really triumphs.
    1. Everything that surrounds your company has to breathe the same style. The content -the information- and the continent –the design- of the website, blogging, how to navigate your site, interventions in social networks, links ... Everything has to have the same line, the same philosophy... The very same culture that you defined in the offline world. Because through the network we also can perceived sensations.
    1. Design a good marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, branding is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy and for this to succeed, you must know very well the brand, and reflect its essence properly. It is a vicious circle. The best solution is, as Stalman says, brandketing practice.
    1. Determine your target audience. Treat them with respect but closely. Struggle to get new customers, but be loyal to the ones you already have. You already know: a satisfied customer is the best advertising.
    1. If you want efficient outcomes, let be advised by experts. There are professionals in the field for some reason. Don’t you think so? Everything is subjective, and branding is not far from an exception. But the exit of the colors and shapes go beyond taste... If you want to be competent and turn a like into a buy, look for the support of those who know most about it.
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