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    A case study of successful digitalization: Líneas Romero

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Líneas Romero is a family-run ferry company created in 1930. It was the first company connecting the island of La Graciosa and the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary archipelago. In its early days, the company owned a simple rowboat carrying mail between these two Atlantic islands, near the African coast.

    Líneas Romero is now a recognized company in the Canary Islands shipping sector and is one hundred percent locally owned. The company offers a regular service of maritime lines between the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Graciosa. In addition, it also offers excursions and tour experiences with specialized guides: cruise ships with marine vision, sailing catamarans and various water activities.

    Líneas Romero continues to reinvent itself and regularly starts new projects with the idea to surprise its customers every day. It is precisely with this spirit that the family business has requested our services. We then decided to collaborate in order to develop a digital transformation project, meeting several objectives: improving differentiation as well as customer service, increasing sales and reducing distribution costs.


    The current situation of ferry operators is the same that hotel companies went through a few years ago. Indeed, the entire tourism sector is in the grip of change. The way customers consume is no longer the same, and the Internet has a big role to play in this transformation. More and more, the process of buying a product has changed. The Internet is a gold mine of information and nowadays customers are used to do some research on the web before making a purchase. They will probably seek for advices, data or even compare between different companies offering the same product or service.

    Therefore, the main goal of digital transformation is to design and create a personalized digital channel to capture, convert and retain your customers. This process is based on a well-defined strategy and targeted actions: increase brand awareness by increasing qualified traffic to the website, increase the number of prospects and improve the conversion process so they become customers more easily, etc.

    Líneas Romero website.


    The main objectives of the digital transformation are then defined, and they depend on the customers’ expectations. This point is very important because each company has different characteristics and our service aims to adapt to the specific needs of each.

    The main objectives of Líneas Romero being then defined, we can start the creation of the website with booking engine, as well as to develop an inbound marketing campaign.

    The digitization process, if properly adapted to the company, can have many advantages. And in our case we defined various challenges to overcome:

    Connect directly with customers and attract more direct bookings, reducing dependency on tour operators, agencies and other commercial intermediaries.

    Capture as much data as possible from the leads and customer's interactions with Líneas Romero online brand, in order to carry out personalized campaigns and actions.

    Creating new products and repositioning existing ones in order to improve customer experience and generate additional income.

    Provide better customer service, taking advantage of the tools offered by the digital world.

    Integrate a wide variety of connected tools.

    Automate processes in order to save time.


    1) Buyer persona

    The first step consists in defining the ideal potential customers for Líneas Romero, those on whom the entire marketing campaign will be oriented. Indeed, we use a totally different approach than traditional marketing; the thing here is to base all actions on the customers, and not on company’s products.

    We then define Líneas Romero's buyer persona, which are semi-fictional representations of customers. The goal is to segment the market and to adapt as much as possible to each segment (or buyer persona) spotted. For example, it is possible to use the "purpose of travel" as a basis for segmentation, obviously taking into account the age of the potential customer, whether traveling with children or alone, etc.

    2) Keywords SEO

    After defining the buyer personas, it is now a question of finding a way to attract them to the website of Líneas Romero. We then work the keywords that they would likely search on the web. Because as we said, nowadays, consumers are used to doing research on the web before making a purchase. The goal is to know what information they could seek for, and what keywords they will use in the search engines.

    The content of the website will then be articulated and developed around these keywords, for the site to appear in the first results of a research.

    • We developed a tailored SEO strategy with the objective of improving search engine positioning and driving higher quality traffic.
    • All the content that is used in the new website is then subjected to an audit so that it fulfills the defined keywords strategy and is optimized for the search engines indexing.

    3) Sitemap and web design

    A very important part of our work for Líneas Romero is the creation of the website. Indeed to attract a maximum of visitors and especially to make them become customers, it is necessary to offer a website with a unique design, attractive and focused on conversion.

    Depending on the strategy, we define the site structure and navigation levels (sitemap). We also have in mind that the new structure must have quick indexing. We are also working on the necessary redirections of old URLs to avoid losing domain authority.

    When developing the site, we make sure that all aspects of SEO on Page are resolved: JavaScript placement, html5 tags, SEO tags, image optimization, etc.

    We are also working to create a website adapted to smartphones and tablets, offering your customers a pleasant and intuitive visual experience. Our sites are designed and built to receive the "Mobile-Friendly" label awarded by Google, which is necessary for optimal positioning in search engine results.

    Mobile Friendly website.

    4) Website development and booking engine

    When developing the website, we keep in mind that it is essential for customers to be able to book in just a few clicks, with a simple but attractive and efficient booking engine.

    The usability elements of the website are strategically located to allow visitors to achieve the conversion goal defined for each page published: book and buy in a few clicks, subscribe easily to a newsletter, register for a program or to loyalty offers, etc.

    We also make sure to create foreign language versions of the website, adapted to the different buyer persona or potential foreign clients. After creating a new page and translating content, our system will automatically insert HREFLANG tags to ensure that search engines are directing visitors to the right versions at the right time. In addition, the country code will automatically be inserted into the URL according to the language you select.

    5) Creation of an inbound marketing campaign

    The tourism sector is one of the industries where inbound marketing can be most effectively applied. Inbound methodology helps to attract your target audience naturally to the website. By creating content of interest to your potential customers and offering solutions to meet their needs, you'll increase exponentially your chances to be found in Google.

    The goal is to attract the people most likely to become customers, so-called qualified traffic.

    To learn more about inbound marketing, do not hesitate to read our other articles.

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