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    B2B Content Marketing for Tourism Companies

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    The Digital Era has brought new tools and methods, but the objectives remain the same. So when planning marketing campaigns for B2B companies, it is important to understand that this kind of campaign will be very different than B2C companies one. Sales cycles are longer, gathering information and decision making at each stage are more complex, there are more points of contact and, most importantly, the volume of purchases is much larger.

    In that sense, content marketing is not an isolated element and, therefore, it must also be adapted to a strategy in a B2B company. More specifically, B2B companies of the tourism industry need to build content to get strong relationships and generate mutual value.

    1. Benefits of Content Marketing

    But, what can you expect if you are a B2B tourism company and you implement a strategy of Content Marketing? We summarise the main objectives you will achieve:

    • Increasing brand awareness.
    • Generating more leads with higher quality.
    • Higher customer acquisition.
    • Increasing commitment of your customers (engagement).

    Hence, you have to provide your customers content that will improve their professional lives. But beware, if your customers are other businesses (B2B) not any content will work for them. In fact, do not try to “viral” content of kittens. The content formats that work the best and, therefore, more effectively for B2B tourism companies are: webinars and other events in person, white papers, case studies and blog articles.

    As you can see, contents above detailed are a type of format that will help your customers in a professional level. But what do they have to explain or tell? The purpose of this content is for your costumers to learn new tools, to acquire knowledge about the tourism industry or to advise them on how to help to improve their businesses. Meaning that now it is no longer enough to display just tactics and commercial activities. At this time, it is necessary to supplement them with training strategies through content that will help to create and maintain relationships with your customers.

    Since we want you to be updated, after making an overview of some keys we explain the main trends of content marketing for B2B tourism businesses:

    1. Coherent Content Strategy. Creating valuable content for B2B audiences requires great dedication and investment, that is why a coherent strategy is vital to avoid wasting efforts.
    2. Content and CRM go hand in hand. Technological evolution allows the integration of content strategy in your company's CRM. So do not hesitate to create this symbiosis to make your marketing plan rise to another level.
    3. Optimising for Mobile and tablets. B2B customers of tourism business are movable, almost in a nomadic way, and increasingly they use mobile devices in their businesses. So the content proposal you offer has to be optimised for these formats.
    4. Content internationalisation. B2B tourism industry is inherently international. Nowadays is not enough to translate the content into several languages. It is also very important to adapt it to local needs and realities of each area for the engagement with customers to be better.
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