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    Copywriting. What you need to know!

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    The task of copywriting is tough. Users demand more and more high-quality content nowadays. And in order to achieve a potent and effective copy you have to have in mind several keys when writing. Here is where we help you!

    The more, the better.

    The best copies you could ever find, have a great work of research previously done. Is not just important because that knowledge will allow you to play with your copy, but because when your blocked research is going to be your lifeboat.

    Try a personal and relaxed style been yourself. Like a tête à tête conversation you need to think about how you’re going to “speak” to your target audience. Is not a thesis!... so you have to create more interest.

    Emphasising benefits is always a good idea and mentioning the most important point various times is fundamental for the audience to get the idea. That strongest point is usually the most persuasive… so use it!

    And again, in order to gain in interest you could also make your copy more visually appealing. We know the content is what it matters, but everything eye-catching will help you to keep the user hooked.

    Content is not a thing, but a story.

    Think about yourself like a storyteller. Users love a story they can be identify with and rely on. Think about satisfying their needs and how your story is going to give them the possibilities to achieve what they covet. That way you will get their attention!

    For that reason, content has to be simple, the message clear and your audience has to understand what your offering, what makes your different and of course the benefits they can get. That will help you to connect and build trust with them.

    That’s why you shouldn’t try to be the smart one. Make your content engages, having a purpose behind every paragraph. Appeal to emotions, having in mind their desires. And use imageries, so they easily understand the benefits.

    When writing, sometimes we want to get the best headline before even staring. Don’t be stubborn! The headline will come across when your story is over. Use the strongest, most emotional phrase, but don’t the trickiest.

    Musts to…

    It’s obvious that a must is to tell the truth, don’t ever underestimate your audience. That doesn’t mean content has to be boring. Add real examples and build your credibility by using reliable data and success stories.

    Sometimes you have to break the rules in order to get something different and even extraordinary. Don’t be stick by old-fashion standards and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

    Include a powerful Call to action at the end. Encourage people to do that something, otherwise the won’t. Every copy you write should be finished with it.

    And of course you need to dedicate enough time to your story. Sometimes we get very distracted and is what is getting us blocked. Find a way to avoid interruptions and be relaxed.

    The more information you gather, the more interest and effort you add to your content to become an interesting story, the better is going to be. We hope this will make you forget about block writing since you already know what you need to write you own copy.

    So… what are you waiting for?

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