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    Open your Eyes to Cross Channel Marketing

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    The Cross Channel Marketing is a new practice, a new sales technique, which integrates different channels and conceived...

    The title says it all. You must not turn your back to cross channel marketing because today it is a reality. You cannot afford it. New technologies are stepping on our heels and run is all we can do if we want to survive and advance in the future. If we disconcert ourselves o just look back a second, we fall. Your business has to go ahead and run, run as fast as possible because every day there are new trends we should know. One, basic today, is the cross channel. If you do not know, get busy.

    What is the cross channel marketing? It is the fact of combining two or more channels in the same process. To help you understand this clearly, let's see a concrete example.

    A customer, Johnny, are visiting the website of a newspaper on a Sunday morning from his laptop and see a display ad in a country hotel about 100 kilometers far from his hometown. Carried along on the wave, Johnny clicks on the ad and he is directed to a page where he can download a brochure discount of 20 percent on a night hotel. The next day, while going to work, he remembers that picture of a beautiful cow grazing in a green meadow and, while having coffee, he decides to become fan of the Facebook page of the hotel and visit their website with his mobile. After a couple of days, from his office computer, he receives an email with a concrete offer of one hour of spa at the hotel for him and a companion for free. Without a second thought, he goes to ecommerce and book a room for next weekend.

    The cross channel marketing is a new practice, a new sales technique, which integrates different channels and conceived all of them just as one.

    Clearly, if Johnny has been interested in a hotel from his laptop and then insisted through his mobile, the hotel should follow throughout the process. In addition, the hotel's marketing department, if any, must consider not only the different physical devices, but the varied and disparate online channels by which Johnny has sought information. Read Google, Facebook, Twitter, your own website...

    The online world has opened us an infinite field for the marketing and distribution of a brand. However, we should know where our users go because we should follow them... otherwise, the online world’s potential will be nothing.

    To find oneself alone in front of that infinite field is not an easy task. This site might help you understand the importance of cross channel marketing, but you know, if you feel that the train runs faster than you, you should go to experts. The experience, though it is the name we give to our mistakes, is a degree... Do not forget!

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