Customers loyalty: one way to increase your web direct bookings

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    You may be wondering how to increase your web direct bookings… If that’s so, we can tell you that one key is customer’s loyalty. Make sure you have in mind good tactics that help you getting that close contact with your host. Here we tell you some ideas how.

    Automatize and win time to have feedback with your customers

    There are many daily tasks to manage in your hotel. But certainly, most of them can be automatized. Be sure not to waste time on functions that can easily be resolved with a PMS or any other management program.

    Leverage the power of your reception personnel to get your host’s loyalty. Your customers want you to tell them how your location is and also suggest them the best local food restaurants. 

    Do not forget to write down their preferences, they will be very valuable information when segmenting your database and launching loyalty campaigns. 

    Besides, there are apps to successfully communicate with you millennial guests. An example is the Houtel tool, you can learn more about its features in this Winhotel post.

    You can reach your potential customer at any time thanks to new mobile platforms

    From customers to promoters: Advantages for you or your friends

    It is good practice to perform actions for a customer to repeat their stay at your hotel, but this should not be your primary goal. Distances seem shorter and shorter and tourists tend to visit new countries. But even if some of your hosts don’t become repetitive customers, they could become your promoters! 

    Offer them advantages not only for them but also for their friends. Encourage them to tell and share their experience at your hotel with their circle of friends and recommend them booking in your website so they can get your offers. Maybe their closest friends have not yet visited your location -and the will love to hear your suggestions!

    Local loyalty

    Do not forget that a sector of your audience may be very close. Local customers can help you increase direct bookings from your own site. Offer them residents advantages if they choose to book through your direct channel. Who does not want to plan a holiday break from time to time? 

    Also, if you offer other services such as spa or restaurant, also promote them among the local prospects.

    Segmenting is highly important

    Customers like to feel unique, so you have to individually address them. A massive loyalty campaign won’t have the same effect than an targeted email marketing tactic according to the hobbies of each consumer, for example. 

    Invite them to play golf when the good weather begins, to gastronomic festivals at your location if your customers are foodies. Or just wish them happy birthday and offer them a coupon code to exchange through the booking engine on your own website. 

    And that is the importance of segmentation. It will be much easier to create targeted loyalty campaigns if you have a base of rich and organized data.

    One last tip: simplified. Do not force your user to enter more data needed in order to book through your website. The faster the process, the more your conversions you’ll win. And increasing your web’s direct bookings has many advantages that for sure you are already discovering.

    Tips for creating a loyalty program in your hotel

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