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    Lovemarks. Emotional branding for hotels to get in love with.

    Written by: Cristina García

    Lovemark is a concept that was born with Kevin Roberts, one of the most important referents of the marketing sector today. In the last few years, the terms of emotional branding or experiential marketing have been increasingly common, but Kevin Roberts was able to see the symbiosis between brand and emotion much earlier than any other advertising professional, giving a complete twist to what was known at the time as Corporate branding.

    And still today, after 13 years of his book 'Lovemarks, the future beyond brands' publication, there are many concepts and ideas of Roberts that are worth bearing in mind in the world of marketing and branding strategies.

    What does Lovemark mean?

    As you may know, the purchase decision has a large emotional component. Even if you think that a product purchase is a rational decision, the reality is very different. Emotions influence a lot when making a purchase and this is the basic idea of lovemarks.

    Literally, a lovemark is a beloved brand, of course, by its buyers. Can you love a brand? Maybe the word is not love, but loyalty. A person creates an emotional bond with a brand because he shares something with it, be it a philosophy, some ideals or because it likes its history. And the ideal situation is that this emotional bond is deep and lasting.

    Mystery, Sensuality, Intimacy

    The three concepts that Kevin Roberts includes in the formula to become a lovemark are mystery + sensuality + intimacy = Lovemark

    What does this mean?

    Mystery. Consumers don’t have to know everything about you, you must continue telling stories and surprising them over time. Apple constantly plays to have its loyal customers on pins and needles regarding the day its new product will appear and even what product that will be! In this way, the loyal customer will be alert to any updates.

    Sensuality. Roberts talks about the five senses of the consumer in this section of sensuality. Brands have to seduce people by reaching them through their senses: a good design will be captured through sight, audio branding, olfactory marketing...

    Intimacy. The intimacy lies in making your audience feel part of the brand, which is at home: feeling comfortable, trusting you, and being satisfied with your products... If you know the needs of your target on time and you anticipate their desires, why would they have to go to the competition? Making your consumers not only want to buy your brand, but want to be part of it.

    How to build a Lovemark?

    After all, consumers are the ones who will decide whether a brand is a lovemark or not. But what can we do to be considered as such? First, meet their expectations.

    If our product, service or image does not match what they expect, they will never love us unconditionally. When a brand becomes a lovemark, it goes from being a simple seller into a monetary transaction to being much more than that, a friend to the consumer. That is, we stop seeing the consumer as a simple bag of coins and we begin to respect him and commit to his satisfaction.

    Nowadays consumers feel more identified by those companies that work their social responsibility with the environment and with society. So it pays to take care of the reputation of your brand and put the focus on some of these causes and communicate it very well.

    Apple, a full-fledged lovemark

    Although large companies like Google, Apple, Coca-Cola or Moleskine could be considered Lovemarks, since their customers see them as an important part of their life, either because they have been part of happy moments or because... The truth is that every person has their own Lovemarks and they don’t need to be the most famous ones, but simply those that the buyer connects with.

    Vote your lovemarks

    A clear example that each person has their own lovemarks is this website created to vote the most loved brands. In this web we find a ranking of up to 3,977 lovemarks. Anyone can propose new brands and make their votes among those that already exist. Even famous people, superheroes or places are considered lovemarks. Which ones would you vote for?

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