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    Five examples of successful video marketing for hotels

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Clearly, video marketing is like using skates to roll around the Internet. Any video can travel much more than a piece of text over the network. It’s easily shared and it spreads exponentially. So change your shoes for roller skates. Do you want some examples? In this post we show you 5 examples of successful video marketing for hotels.

    It pays to book direct

    Marriot with its campaign “it pays to book direct” is a clear example of video marketing success. With humor they stood up, since they wanted to stand out above any OTA -online travel agency.


    Stop clicking around

    Hilton with the same intention, has released its campaign “stop clicking around” which also challenges OTAs. This chain, however, has opted for a more current and modern style, and the song Satisfaction is the key essence of their video.


    Experiential Marketing

    Banyan Tree, using the experiential marketing technique, has produce a video marketing proposal which captures the unique, pleasant and relaxing moments in their hotels’ facilities. With a stunning photography, this video manages to attract their customers.


    Differentiation in its pure state

    Pulitzer Barcelona belongs to a hotel group with a presence in Barcelona, Paris and Buenos Aires. This particular hotel wanted to differentiate itself from other hotels in the chain, for that reason, they created this stylish video.


    Storytelling for hotels

    The video that puts the finishing touch to this post is a video made by Amara. Remaining humble, this is a video marketing proposal for Sandos San Blas Hotel. It is, almost, a film production. With a very elaborated storytelling and a very accurate photography.


    Anyone can try video marketing. But if you want to get results, you should rely on professionals. Because two plus two always equals four and on the network there are no miracles.

    Learn which kind of video you can use for your hotel

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