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    Let’s play! Benefits of including gamification on your website

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Gamification is an attractive marketing technique that offers many advantages. It is not the same to get into an insipid website and without interesting content, than to enter into a pleasant online place, that attracts attention, that incites us to participate or that, in some way, makes us accomplices of something, don’t you think so?

    Gamification gets that engagement with the customer and more. Could we include this technique on our hotel website? Definitely. Get inspired with this example of Travelzoo, an American online travel agency that promoted a fun game with trivial questions and an interactive map about your visitors' knowledge of British literature.

    gamification Travelzoo

    Playing, online and offline, has no age and it has many benefits. We will focus on what gamification can do for your website. You'll be surprised!

    Improve user experience

    How do you get it? Very easy. Most Internet users love fun, challenging, engaging, compelling interactive processes; Just like video games. Curiosity and enthusiasm lead users to enjoy that experience. It's that simple.

    The user experience focuses on 4 basic axes: usability, utility, accessibility and functionality. Gamification can contribute to these 4 pillars the necessary engagement to complete that experience. The user should enjoy browsing your website, and a game can greatly enrich your digital adventure.

    SEO Positioning Improvement

    That engagement generated by the games, in turn, makes your SEO positioning benefit because users will want to stay longer on your website and return more often to it. Google takes very into account these two aspects for organic SEO. Don’t forget it!

    As the Italian philosopher Machiavelli said: the end justifies the means. And although these media are very rewarding, gamification is a channel or a way that will allow you to get your website to climb positions naturally.


    The dynamics associated with this marketing strategy guarantee a bidirectional communication, between brand and users, called "relationship 3.0". This relationship favors loyalty because the user of the web feels important, there is feedback.

    You can use the gamification as a prize to get any offer, special discounts or additional services during the stay of the client in your hotel. As an example, you could offer your clients a bottle of cava welcome to your establishment if they answer correctly a few questions about the destination, once made their online reservation. A fun way to interact directly with them.

    But in addition, you can also encourage them to share their participation in the game through their social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way, you will be able to make the leap beyond the web and have a wider reach. If the user shares that he is having fun with your game, why will not your contacts want to do the same?


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