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    5 Tips about Gamification. Because Playing is not just for Kids.

    Written by: Cristina García

    Playing stimulates, motivates, encourages creativity, promotes communication environments, generates confidence ... Playing brings countless positive aspects in difficult situations, arduous, and makes any circumstances much more enjoyable. Playing is a pleasure, a pleasure that enriches. Why not take advantage of it? From the Royal Game of Ur, the oldest game in the world invented by the Sumerian civilization until CarRentalPoly, game devised by Amara Engineering Marketing as a solution to one of its customers, it has come a long way. The gamification is to blame for everything.

    And you wonder, what is gamification? Does it come from the word game? Yes it does, certainly. Gamification is the use of techniques in no recreational environments to enhance and bring all values generated by the game. It is a highly powerful specifically as a marketing tool. Big brands such as McDonald's, Nike and Heineken have used gamification to promote their products. On this website there are interesting and very amusing examples.

    In a process of gamification there are no established rules, although we propose a challenge to be overcome through a fun and exhilarating experience. Having achieved that goal, you get a reward... Which one? It depends ... it can be a prize, discounts on certain products, discover a surprise, improve a score...

    The gamification can be given in a real environment or in a virtual one, for example in social networks. Gamification allows connectivity to move from engagement in a very easy way in the online environment. In addition, when used as intended, it will help us to retain our customers, to increase the level of attention of the audience, will bring value to our brand, will promote viral content ... Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    Clearly, if the gamification is set within a well-structured marketing plan, the benefits are endless. Also, you should know that you don’t have to be a big company to use this powerful tool. It can be applied to all products and can be adapted to any budget.

    Tips for conducting the gamification

    Design an attractive challenge for your clients.

    Develop a simple, powerful game that hooks.

    Get more than just the participation of the players. Remember, our goal is to win them as customers.

    Pursue viral.

    Give a gratifying prize, which no one can resist.

    The gamification as a marketing strategy almost never fails. Everyone has a competitive streak, however small, and everyone likes to receive recognition and awards. Bet on it, you will probably be surprised with the results.

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