Communicate hotel theming through video marketing. The ultimate solution.

    Written by: Cristina García

    As you may know first hand, the conventional offer of sun and beach is becoming obsolete. In recent years, theme hotels have been instrumental to chains when they want to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    That’s why attracting new leads and re-capturing former customers’ attention has again become necessary. In order to achieve this, we give you the ultimate solution: communicate hotel theming through video marketing.

    Now consumers need to discover and experience unique and customized experiences, hence classic packages and traditional trips have become outdated. Part of it is due to the Internet’s influence and specifically to the multitude of tourist’s experiences that thousands of users reflected in their videos

    Obviously, this differentiation that adds value to the chain, also means the hotel has to invest not just in improving its product, but in the most effective ways to present it. Without the impact and visibility of this new theming, hotels miss the chance to increase their profitability and leave everything to luck.

    Here’s where video marketing comes in. We know video is the best way to show feelings, emotions… and the best way to reveal the experiences the tourist is going to live. We know this because video is the format of content that users prefer to consume.

    hotel theming with video marketing

    Each particular product has different needs and requires a diverse video production. For instance, if your hotel chooses an active sport theming outdoors, and the type of facilities is perfect to offer to couples, in the informative video you should have starring a couple experiencing the outdoor activities you offer.

    Meaning that hotel chains theming their products have offered their clients new environments, decorations, services, or activities related to a specific theme, and those have to mind about both the geographic and cultural factors of the hotel, and the psychosocial factors of their main target. 


    Informative videos of products offer favorable conversion rates. Besides being more attractive to consumers they also generate more confidence and security toward the offer and they help in the buying decision process.

    On the other hand, users are simultaneously prosumers, ie content consumers and producers who can promote your chain. Their testimonial videos benefit the engagement and contribute to SEO. Plus, it would be easier for the hotel to measure which products are most interesting in order to optimize their offer

    Thus, video marketing is the best way to strengthen the bond between hotel and customer. It is the most cost-effective content marketing formula to be chosen by the hotel. Because video is able to show the new product, its values and it’s also able to unite users with the hotel identity

    …And so this audiovisual experience is only surpassed by the actual consumer experience.

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