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    Appealing hotel websites

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    We all know that a good website is essential for our hotel and is a great branding tool. According to a recent study, 42% of travellers do their booking online. Don’t stay behind and win them over. Here you have some examples of terrific appealing hotel websites, winners of the prestigious Awwwards Prize.

    Awwwards is a recognized prize that rewards the talent and the effort of great web designers and agencies all around the world. Design Hotels is a luxury boutique hotel chain with a global presence that has ranked first.


    With a spectacular web design and a successful usability, this website has been recognised with an average score of 7,33. The design, the creativity, the usability and the content are the four key factors that are assessed.

    Jumeirah Inside is another prize winner with the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah website. The website contains a welcome video that through stunning views make you feel like a real Arab Sheikh. This website is extremely visual.

    You can virtually visit the hotel and, oddly, we tell you that every guest gets a golden iPad that is your personal “concierge”. This is how it is shown in the website. hotel-websites-jumeirah-ipad

    The Italian website Rooms & Wine Bar got 7 points in these awards with a very simple, clean and fancy website. The photography, very meticulous, is one of its great charms.


    The usability is one of the most important website features. The Majorcan hotel chain Garden Hotels is a clear example of usability success. Its website, with a fantastic design, provide a simple, captivating and very intuitive experience.


    Without a doubt, a website must be completely updated. Click on this link and learn the strategies to follow for bringing up to date your hotel website. Don’t stay behind and do like Garden, build a website that showcases your brand as it should be.



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