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    What do you need to maximize your hotels social media strategy?

    Written by: Dounia Senouci

    Over the years, we have been able to see how important social networks have become. We can witness the increasing importance of social media in our everyday life and most importantly how influential they can be.

    In 2015, 73% of the Americans had a social network profile. That percentage is expected to increase by five percentage points by the end of 2016.

    However, some hotels still not include social media in their marketing strategy or if they do, they do not do it properly. We will then see how to maximize your hotels social media strategy.

    Direct communication with your buyer persona

    A simple way to establish direct contact with your buyer persona is through social media. Indeed, to attract and convert potential buyers you have to be present on the platforms they are using. Social media allow a hotel to personalize its message geared to its buyer persona. In fact, through social media you can really adapt your message and give a specific answer to each and every problem instead of a general answer.

    Talking directly to your potential client makes him feel important as well as it creates dynamic content. Always keep in mind that the importance you give to your client or potential client is decisive to create loyalty.

    Relevant Content

    Being on social media allows hotels to better understand their buyer persona’s needs because as you know they are always changing and evolving. You then have to adapt your strategy as well as your content.

    However, a lot of businesses keep posting irrelevant posts that do not provide any educational information to their buyer personas. Every post has to provide a piece of information that will allow your buyer persona to take a step further in his journey. Never forget that your information has to be useful so that the user will share it and create his own relevant content that will promote your business.

    Smart use of social media

    The last but not least problem your sector are facing is the lack of proper use of social media.

    You need to publish posts frequently because it allows you to attract more and more visitors on your social platforms. Publishing on a constant basis added to a relevant content will convert your visitors into leads, your leads into customers and so on and so forth.

    Being present on social media gives you a huge advantage since you can influence the way people see your hotel. Then, you have to clearly define what your offer is and who you are targeting. Once you have done it, you need to relay a coherent and consistent message on the different social platforms you use.

    Social media have become really important for your hotel marketing strategy to be efficient. It is now time for you to join social media and keep up with the times. However, do not forget to do it step by step.


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