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    How do you increase sales? Meet the Inbound sales.

    Written by: Cristina García

    Inbound Marketing methodology has marked a before and after, not only for marketing but also for sales. By transforming the way we do online market our company's products and / or services, we have also transformed the way we sell.  In the past, maybe the cold calls worked, but as you could see from the change in consumer habits, the seller-centric methodology has transformed into user-centric. Today consumers have the power. Your potential customer is the one who looks for the information, who creates expectations about your products or services. And you might be wondering how can your sales team approach your buyer? Transforming the way to sell.

    1. Transforming the way you select your target

    As in any Inbound process, you have to make sure that your sales team is addressing the right people, your buyer personas. If you have attracted and converted your leads following this marketing methodology, the sales opportunities your sales managers will meet, have to be good potential customers for your company. However, not all sales opportunities are ready to close a deal. For that reason is very important to understand where in the buyer's journey they are.

    Inbound Sales
    To be effective when looking for Inbound opportunities, you need to understand how they behave and what the consumption patterns of your company's prospects are. Without the right context, it would be difficult to close a sale. To offer a personalized sales experience, your team has to investigate your sales opportunities.

    2. Transforming the way you do your research

    For example, a B2B company would like to gather as much information about its contact as possible: knowing the company information and researching trends in its industry; assessing the size of that business and its annual income; knowing well what they sell and to whom, and so on. In addition, it can be very interesting to look at the LinkedIn profile of the company being investigated, as well as the people who work on it.

    It is imperative to collect the information you get from leads when they’re browsing your website. For example, do you know what content did they download? What pages did they look at? And, what do they identify with? This is the kind of information that allows your sales team to customize conversations with each lead, as they know their needs and how they have "engaged" with the company.

    You get the idea, don’t you? 

    3. Transforming the way you connect

    Before contacting this lead, the sales representative needs to know the purpose of the call. And to establish the connection there are basic rules to follow:

    First, create empathy, that is, establish a good relationship with sales opportunities. You have to create a trust environment, thanks to the information that has been previously collected from the lead.

    First, create empathy, that is, establish a good relationship with sales opportunities. You have to create a trust environment, thanks to the information that has been previously collected from the lead.

    It is also important to educate the contact, by offering your help. In this way, they would be more likely to listen to you. Contacts can distinguish when someone is interested in their needs and goals.

    Leads always remember their experience. For this reason, it is important to know the person the sales representative is going to contact. In this way, you can tailor the conversations to each person and speak their language. And with it we do not mean to speak the same language literally and figuratively.

    4. Transform the way you are perceived as a seller

    The sales manager has to be a sales educator. In order to educate your prospects, you must become a true confidant and really understand the problems and challenges of your lead. In short, become a machine that listens and understands problems to be able to adapt to your sales opportunities’ needs.

    This is what is known as humanizing the sales process, leaving behind the cold methods that were used to close deals. For this reason you need to break down the barriers that make the sales rep look like a cold commercial and who doesn’t care whom he’s talking to.

    Your salesperson has to become a trusted advisor. Concentrate on building a personal brand because people buy from people (and brands) that they like and trust. 

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