How to improve my hotel website: selling online experiences

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Emotions are closely linked to the purchase decision process. So your goal should be to create an emotional connection between your brand and the consumer. That’s why many hotels are wondering “how I improve my hotel website?" Here are some not so common ideas that will make you stand out.

    Have you heard about experiential marketing? Unlike traditional marketing, emotional marketing focuses on experiences the client is living when he consumes a product or service.

    Today users are no longer satisfy only by purchasing a product. They wants to know what exciting experiences that product will bring them.

    Experiences creates emotions. And emotions are the starting point of any decision. If you want the user choosesing you, show him what he’s missing.

    Your website, the best place to sell online experiences

    Your website is the perfect tool to sell experiences. Do not be afraid to present something revolutionary to your potential customers. This will make you to be remembered!

    Firstly you must know your target. Do you know what attracts your consumer? You won’t offer the same experience to a family with three children that an amateur couple who loves extreme sports.

    Focus on your audience. Spend some time researching who is your customer and ask them directly to know their ambitions.

    Once you are sure about who is your target, you have endless options.

    Content is like water into your website

    Pack up experiences: team up with other companies

    Tell users how many activities they can enjoy if they stay in your hotel.

    Team up with businesses that are close to your establishment. Companies engaged in risky sports, a business that organizes horseback riding or an experts hikers group can be good partners for your hotel.

    Hold a meeting with each of them to come to an agreement. You can create some website experiential packages that include accommodation in your hotel and any of these activities.

    Or just ask permission to advertise their activities on your website. Your potential customers will find all these alternatives when they book their holidays. You will offer a bonus that they won’t find on any other cannel.

    Be memorable: create engagement

    At the end, it’s important thing to speak about followers, not customers.

    Make your guests feel part of your hotel.

    Video is a good alternative to sell experiences. It is the most visual platform and you can make a lot of marketing actions on social networks with video marketing.

    You can also encourage your users to share their own videos or images from your hotel. So your own customers promote your business. Thus, they will transmit a message of truth and confidence about your hotel to their friends.

    be different and communicate it

    Be different and communicate it

    The hospitality industry is immense. Therefore, you must differentiate your hotel and try to stand out. For example, renewing your image.

    There are plenty of personalities that you can adapt to your business: an ecological hotel, hotel for cyclists...

    It’s not easy revolutionize a brand image, but if you have a good team, this change can be your success.

    But remember that no matter how good your product is. If you don’t communicate it, you don’t exist. It would be a shame.

    Therefore, invest in good online communication. Your website is your international image, spend the resources it deserves. Your online presence should perfectly reflect your hotel personality.

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