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    How to increase traffic conversion on your hotel website

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    There are many tactics and strategies that can be used to increase direct booking. Although we will want to offer you the most significant keys in order to discover how to convert traffic on your hotel website.

    Among the keys we will detail, there are the most important ones in any marketing strategy: website, marketing campaigns or email marketing. All keys you will discover have already proven to be effective again and again by increasing conversion and, therefore, online sales.

    Page and Web Browsing

    Your hotel website plays a central role in the online conversion funnel. It is the place where visitors have the opportunity to learn more about your hotel product, consume useful and powerful content, and as you want, where they end up booking. 

    página web hotel

    But what can you do to increase conversion on the website?

    • Design your web thinking about the user. You must adapt your website to the traveler's journey  and the buying process of your prospects. Don’t forget when designing your page these essential tips: Use blank spaces to reduce eyestrain and make the content to be more appealing to consult, highlight the browsing bar and use colors to highlight items of interest (buttons, offers...)

    • Tell a unique story through visual storytelling. Consumers are bombarded with a huge amount of content every day. Enter that chaos and deliver a message that connects with them is more difficult than ever. Ask yourself if your hotel is connecting emotionally with your audience and if the answer is no, you should create convincing multimedia-stories about your hotel room, special offers and unique features to connect and convert.

    • Include a simple and compelling value proposal. Make clear your hotel's value proposal: attractive offers, advantages of booking directly, loyalty programs, description of services, room types...

    • Add guest comments and opinions. Signs of confidence are elements that create a greater connection with users. Comments are very important to increase the conversion. 75% of people don’t trust companies to be honest. However, 87% trust other people’s comments when making purchasing decisions.

    comentarios y opiniones en hoteles

    • Focus visitors to your site into the landing pages. The vast majority of web traffic arrive to your Home. So create a Home with spectacular images and suggestive messages. However, its mission is to be a generalist Home and talk to all your future guests in the same way. Instead, landing pages are focused on specific customer segments. That way, you can create a specific page with a Valentine’s Day offer in Paris or promote a famous DJ’s concert in Ibiza. 

    landing pages hoteles

    SOURCE: Landing pages work Infographic.

    • Include Call to Action (CTA). It’s important to leverage your website to transmit a concrete Call to Action. For example, it would help you having your booking section always visible or highlighting the Call Center phone.

    So, think about whether your website is providing a measurable impact on the business. Your hotel website is critical to convert traffic and generate high value reserves and income.

    Boost direct bookings by leveraging your hotels website

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