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    Improve Bookings on your Website. Know the UX.

    Written by: Cristina García

    [:es]10 consejos de cómo aumentar las reservas en tu website gracias al UX[:en]How to Improve Bookings on your Website...

    To differentiate your company from the rest is undoubtedly one of the best marketing strategies. The theory is simple and we all know it. But how can we get that distinction? In the online world, there is a way to get to it and is none other than by users. Lately, the UX term, User eXperience, has become very fashionable. Our mission is that users have a very pleasant feeling when they come to our website. If we can feel good, comfortable and content while surfing our space, it is much easier to get conversion or to repeat visit. There are several factors that determine the feeling. There are some tangible and some intangible:

    • Tangible and related to design: searchability, usability, hardware, software, quality of content, graphic design ...
    • Intangibles and related to emotions: sensations that produces the website, feelings aroused, confidence that transmit, how is its essence...

    And you wonder what can I do and how can I improve my website to boost bookings from my hotel? Here are 10 tips on how your website should be. They are simple and, many of them extremely logical. But if you pay attention to each one of them you it can bring you to success:

    • Flexibility and efficiency of use.
    • Esthetics and nice design.
    • Avoid distractions or annoying publications.
    • Easy to use. Very, very logic.
    • Simplify the booking process.
    • Clear visibility. The font size ideal is between 12 and 14.
    • Intuitive interface.
    • Avoid excessive text. A picture is worth more than a thousand words and video more than one million.
    • Facilitate tablets and smartphones navigation.
    • Never, ever, take the surfer to a no return path. Facilitate the option of opening a new tab or return to the homepage.

    On this website, you will find interesting content that you may find helpful. But if what you really pursue is to increase your hotel reservations, we suggest three basic factors. First, all websites related to tourism should have persuasive, inspirational contents (remember, the pictures and video are a great resource). Secondly you must have your goal very clear. And it is to make that users book on it. Isn’t that right? So then, your mission it is to facilitate maximum the book option ... So much that even a child of four years old could do it. And finally, we believe it is important to include the opinions of satisfied guests. As you know, a satisfied customer is the best advertising. Internet makes it easy, take advantage of it![:]

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