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    How to improve your hotel’s brand exposure

    Written by: Cristina García

    As we always say, your hotel has to be unique, special, memorable... and your branding is the one and only strategy which can help you to add value to your brand. Branding is the creation of your hotel identity. The one that defines it, the one that differentiates it, the one that specifies how it has to communicate. And today it's time to talk about the latter.

    Think that a good communication strategy can help you not only to improve your brand perception among consumers, but also to increase traffic to your hotel’s website. Communication practices are a nod to engagement and positioning.

    Today we live in a digital world where communication actions considering your branding will affect the other strategies you will implement for your hotel’s online marketing. So, do you know the communication techniques that could improve your brand exposure?

    What you can do: branded content.

    Branded content is creating content that is related to your hotel’s brand, but it doesn’t have to be directly related to your products or services. Its aim is to bring value, to transmit emotions. In short, meeting the needs of your potential customers to create engagement.

    Think that today’s users choose to consume the content that connects with them and the brands they identify with. Why? Basically because they understand each other. For this reason, these brands generate easy-to-consume content that attracts and satisfies at the same time.

    And this depends on how deeply these brands know their potential customers, their buyer personas. From responsive videos posted on the hotel website to social media campaigns, brands know they must generate value and personalized content to ensure a real connection.

    What they can do for you: user-generated content.

    User-generated content is also related to content creation. As you know, there are Internet users generating their own content who can influence the buying decision of other consumers: the influencers. People who have real power on the Internet.

    User-generated content can take many formats: reviews, testimonials, comments, social publications, forums, videos, etc. This is content that works due to its credibility. And generally, if it is generated by these influencers, its reliability is greater.

    If you had in mind your buyer personas when it comes to generate content, you also have to think about those users that influence your target market. A partnership with them can benefit your brand exposure and generate a positive perception of it.

    Keep in mind that influencers are people whose life project is to generate content related to brands and experiences. This is essential for your hotel. From images on Instagram, to videos on YouTube, influencers can help you communicate how your brand is.

    Because when these influencers style identifies with your brand, content collaborations can become a powerful marketing and public relations tool for your hotel.

    What you can do together: Brand events.

    Events are another of the communication strategies that you must take into account. A great way to promote your brand, launch campaigns for new products or services, attract new prospects and generate advertising (both offline and online) for your hotel.

    Starting from the branding of your hotel, you must organize an event in which you need to have a clear objective. What is the purpose? What message are you going to communicate? What experience will you convey? What emotions do you want to evoke? How do you want them to remember you?

    Is important where, when and how the event will be. But when you’re planning the event, you have to always keep in mind the reason for it. Because your brand perception during an event is really important. An event organization depends directly on your hotel’s branding. It is a form of communication, which depends on how you have defined and differentiated yourself from your competition.

    When you plan an event, keep in mind the content you create for it (name, slogan, emailing, announcements, etc.). It must be unique, create a distinctive, special sense of belonging. To do this, help yourself to the identity of the influencers who are also close to your target. In short, create a unique brand experience.


    Although these are just a few tips, we stress that every hotel is different. So you must think well what would work for your brand. And for this you must know your brand and who your target is. With a thoughtful communication strategy you will complement your online marketing actions, and not only improve the exposure of your brand but also your website traffic.

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