Inbound Marketing

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    Become the center of attention without showing you want to.

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    The first personal computer was launched in 1981 by IBM. At that time, we would never imagine it would change that much our lives. Who probably thought it from the best beginning, or perhaps suspected it, was Apple. The new Macintosh was introduced to the market three years later. Do you know how it see the light? By a tv ad during a Super Bowl break time. The broadcast was seen by almost the 50 percent of the US population.

    The ad cost a whopping 900,000 dollars of the time. Here's the ad, if you want to watch it. It was inspired by the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

    Possibly today, taking into account the benefits of their own product and taking advantage of new technologies, Macintosh would not come to light that way, breaking into American homes invasively.

    Internet has revolutionized the world. As you know, we are witnessing a step in Human History leaving The Contemporary Age and the Industrial Revolution and passing to the Information Age. The way to consume, to communicate, to work, to interact and to have fun is clearly very different from 30 years ago.

    Internet also has revolutionized the world of marketing and advertising. It is clear. Indeed, online marketing is a very dynamic and changing sector, which evolves day after day. Besides creating new techniques and methodologies of marketing, Internet and social networks have risen a new philosophy: Inbound marketing.

    But what is Inbound marketing about? It is just the attraction of visitors to your website, then they become leads, and afterwards become clients that promote your brand to infinity and beyond. Attraction is the key of the Inbound marketing. Then it requires work for trying that your customers promote and advertise your product, the way you want to. That is really great. Don’t you think so?

    Brian Halligan , co-founder and CEO of the software company specialized in marketing HubSpot was who gave the name to this new philosophy in 2005. Years later it became popular with the publication of the book Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google , Social Media, and Blogs, signed by himself along with two colleagues. 

    One of the secrets of Inbound marketing is no break, but to be at the right time. Attracting and not intercept. For this is basic SEO positioning and use correctly, social networking. Do not forget, you must always be careful. Internet is a great ally of your business but you never ever have to stop paying attention.

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