Get to know the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Inbound marketing is a term that is not only trendy, but has arrived to stay. But what is different about it? Traditional marketing has always used intrusive techniques (cold calling, spam, forced ads) and today's technology has made it less effective and costly to get the message across.

    Metodologia de Inbound Marketing

    Each stage is accompanied by a series of tools that, although they are the most used and work best in each of the phases, are not exclusive. It is a methodology that has always present potential clients and customers and it is supported by continuous and inherent analysis in each stage, to verify all work.

    You have to understand that consumers don’t want to be sold, but that they want to be educated. For this there are a series of inbound tactics that can help you to create content more suitable for them.

    1. Use buyer personas

    Every business needs the right traffic to get customers. Building a buyer persona (semi-fictional representation of your ideal client based on real data and some speculation based on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, objectives and challenges) we are better able to meet the needs of prospects. To build it, we have to:

    Research through interviews in the sector (co-workers, good, bad and old clients), focusing on the questions to the why to find out what drives them.

    Identify trends according to similarities of prospects; build as many buyer personas as necessary.

    Create profiles (Google images) of each to be named in a way and include:

    • Basic Information
    • Basic data about the role of the buyer persona, key information about the buyer persona company.
    • Relevant background information.
    • Demographic
    • Gender, age range, household income (consider income of the couple if relevant).
    • Identifiers
    • Fashion words and customs.
    • Goals
    • Main and secondary goal of the buyer persona.
    • Challenges
    • Main and secondary challenge for the success of the buyer persona.
    • How we help us
    • How you solve the challenges of your buyer persona and help you achieve your goals.
    • Common objections
    • Identify the most common objections your buyer persona will comment on during the sales process.
    • Real quotes
    • Include some real quotes (taken during interviews) that represent your buyer persona to make it easier for you to understand for your employees.

    2. Use the Buyer's Journey

    Every interaction a company has with the buyer persona must adapt to the buyer's journey. Buyer travel is the active research process that someone performs and that leads to a purchase. It has three stages:

    1. Exploration: when the prospective client has a problem or opportunity and seeks information to contextualize their situation.
    2. Consideration: once informed you already know the approaches and methods to solve your situation.
    3. Decision: When you choose a solution or strategy and you can ultimately make the purchase.

    It is critical that the marketing specialist is willing to listen to your problems and not trying to sell his products by force. He must prepare the content for each stage and earn his trust by educating the buyer about their problems and solutions.

    3. Create remarkable content

    Inbound marketing is not understood without

    1. Content: blogs, interactive tools, photographs, infographics, videos, ebooks ... that can attract, convert, close and please.
    2. Context: for whom the adapted content is written at each stage of the trip.

    4. Take advantage of the content

    The content has to have visibility; its distribution is what gives it relevance. The correct distribution technique allows the content to fit the right person at the right time.

    Now you know it. If you want your business to advance, with this methodology you will get better results and more benefits. Accompany the customer in their buying process, offer personalized content to him and become his referent. You will all win! 

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