Improve relations with your contacts. Lead Nurturing will make you step up.

    Written by: Salvador Galindo

    As you already may know, not every lead you receive is ready to be turned into a sale. According to MarketingSherpa, around the 80% of leads will be lost and the purchasing process will not be completed.

    On the other hand, Hubspot points out that from the moment a customer visit our website, it can take more than 30 days to turn the visit into a purchasing decision and eventually into a real sale. It is a perfect opportunity to create benefits, isn’t it?

    So, how we can convert this potential loss of leads into future real sales? Tools like Lead Nurturing, one of the main strategies of Inbound Marketing, can help us to create a sustainable and relevant relation with our leads, based on providing the necessary information to the right person at the right time.

    What is Lead Nurturing?

    Lead Nurturing consists on creating valuable relationships with our customers, adapting the contents to each step of the purchasing process (Buyer’s Journey ). For instance, by using automatic e-mailing with specific contents we try to address and guide the client during this process offering them relevant information that creates added value but that runs away from commercial e-mailing.

    As a starting point, we need to get to know the buyer’s persona . It is necessary to collect relevant information about the potential buyers so we can be able to provide them with information that might be useful during each step of the sale process.

    Lead Nurturing - buyer's journey

    Through tracking and monitoring specific services or products offered in our website, we can outline the visitor’s profile gaining knowledge of their interests, motivations and purchase intentions..

    How can we create successful campaigns based on Lead Nurturing?

    As many other disciplines, the Inbound Marketing is not a simple equation. However, some fundamentals can be established to reach a prosperous Lead Nurturing campaign.

    It is well known that there is not a perfect prescription to apply Lead Nurturing techniques because success depends to a large extend on the profile and behaviour of the buyer’s persona. Nevertheless, we can give you some tips for a good Lead Nurturing strategy:

    1. Set your goals

    Any strategy needs accurate planning. The first step should be the settlement of targets and goals you want to achieve. Always remember that those objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic and Time-Related)

    2. Who are you trying to reach?

    Identify your persona and in which step of the journey they are to be able to address the appropriate message. Customers and their needs should be in the core of your strategy.

    3. Adapt the existing content

    Never forget that the key point of Lead Nurturing is content. Therefore, you should adapt it to each stage of the buyer’s journey. If one of your leads requests further information about how they can custom their stay, which information should you provide them with? A brochure, a price list, information about outdoor activities…? Analysing customer’s needs will help you to encourage visitors to complete the purchase.

    Remember that you can add value in each communication by referring to Videos, eBooks, Webinars…

    4. Call to Action

    It is never too late to get additional information about your clients, hence try to avoid missing upcoming opportunities to do so. Including a Call to Action in each communication will help you to turn goals into reality.

    Bear in mind that Calls to Action are a tool to achieve your target, so they must be lined up with the goals you had established previously.

    5. Be patient

    Use the gained knowledge about your customers and about the industry on your Lead Nurturing campaigns.

    How? Being patient. As we already told you, you should take your customer along the buyer’s journey with useful and relevant contents. If you push your leads with too much information, you will lose them.

    6. Performance measurement

    Reports, reports and more reports!  Review your results to check if you are achieving the goals you had settled on the first stage.

    If you find out a gap, do not worry about it. You are still in time to take necessary action to correct any deviation.



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