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    Lead nurturing have never been so easy. Discover how with Hubspot.

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Lead nurturing is a key and critical process in Inbound methodology. It is essential to create value relationships with our customers by adapting the content to each stage of their purchase process. But why is it so important? Basically because depending on which stage of the Buyer's Journey our potential client is, it will require one type of information or another. And precisely, that information, the content of value that we offer, is the key to strengthening that relationship.

    As much important is the content as the way to reach our leads. We must choose well the channel. Email is undoubtedly a great tool to keep in mind. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and published in MediaPost, the email has a ROI of 122%. Unbelievable! Even though, it is not the only way of communication that we must work. Social media and blogging are also critical in the lead nurturing process.

    But how can we optimize our lead nurturing work? There are many tools that facilitate the work, however, we stay with Hubspot. Why? Hubspot is a very complete tool that allows you to work all phases of Inbound Marketing, from content management to SEO optimization. Automation and analysis of results in real time are also very easy, simple and intuitive processes with Hubspot.

    Let's go step by step. With what channels do we work the lead nurturing and can we manage with Hubspot? The most important are email, social media and the blog.

    Email workflows.

    Not everyone is ready to buy your product or service the first time he or she enters to your website, don’t you think? Email nurturing campaigns are essential to keep the flame alive with this type of potential customers. And get, that little by little, advance towards the end of Buyer's Journey, they fall by our funnel and loyalty are boosted.

    But the business world is not a magical world, things don’t happen just like that. To get a contact to become a lead we must offer content of value and generate trust. Nourish it little by little. How? With email, a personalized and direct communication tool.

    With Hubspot you can create workflows easily to speed up your work. You can send massive but personalized emails, segment contacts, offer specific information to each of your leads in an automated way... You can also measure opening rates, perform A/B tests of any of the parameters of your mail and endless possibilities that will leave you speechless. Once you try it, you will not be able to live without it...

    workflow Lead Nurturing

    Programming Social Media content.

    The same happens with the management of social media. With Hubspot you save time and effort prioritizing your social interactions and improving communication with who really cares.

    Hubspot allows you to publish directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +, from the same platform where you build your campaigns. It also monitors all comments, creates custom keyword monitoring streams so that all members of your team can post interactions in the shortest time, and activate email alerts to specific people on your computer as a keyword or a specific hashtag is published.

    That way you will not miss the opportunity to get involved with your followers, encourage opportunities or delight your leads.

    Blog Management.

    Blogging is essential to share and delivering content of value. This content, in fact, will be key to our emailing campaigns.

    Imagine that you run a hotel with a spa and you know that 10 people in particular have downloaded an offer of new trends in author's massages. What can you do? For example, send them a new mail with a discount or more information on the subject.

    The blog is also a key part of the lead nurturing strategy, and Hubspot allows you to publish relevant, attractive and optimized content for conversion, with tools that accelerate creation, maintain a consistent format, and facilitate search optimization.

    With the templates of posts, you will be able to focus all your efforts in offering attractive content, because the optimization will be very and very easy to you.

    Lead Nurturing Blog


    Hubspot is a complex platform that combines all the online tools through which you have contact with your clients: website, blog, emailing and social media. It also has a powerful and practical CRM. And all, without forgetting that it measures your marketing funnel in one place with integrated analytics, reports and panels. Everything you need to be a more efficient marketing professional and base your work on real data. Do you need more reasons to use Hubspot?

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