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    The logo design your hotel needs. What the designers say?

    Written by: Cristina García

    Your hotel’s logo is a hard piece to conceive. If you think about it, your logo is what your prospects will mosty remember if they don’t know you yet. That’s why your logo is one of the most important features of your identity. It’s what will enclose what your consumers will associate with your image.

    Today, we are telling you what designers say about your logo creation. So you are able to help during this process.

    Preparation is an essential key

    A great idea o concept is what a designer will begin with, when creating the logo design your hotel needs. Obviously, that idea should be inspired from your hotel’s identity, from your DDC strategy.

    On the one hand, if you haven’t defined what you want your hotel to be and how it should communicate its message; you would hardly inspire your designer to create it. On the other hand, you need to help him/her to visualize who your guests will be. Ultimately, you want your logo to convey your hotel’s values.

    That’s why, preparation is key. And it’s all right if both processes –creating your corporate identity and designing your logo- go hand in hand. Because they belong to each other. Think that your logo will represent what kind of hotel yours is and who may want to book a room. Your designer will have to ensure your logo is distinctive, practical and effective by being:

    • Simple. That will allow your logo to be recognisable, i.e. easy to identify within your whole brand.

    • Memorable. If your logo clearly symbolizes what your hotel’s brand represents, the relationship between both will be noteworthy.

    • Timeless. Even though you might need to revamp over time your logo, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it needs to be accurate and approached to the current trends and consumer preferences. It still needs to be effective.

    • Versatile. Consider that you need a logo that will be clear and legible both black and white and coloured. Colour is subjective and emotional, so it should identify with your customer. And if you include text, your font should complement it too. Plus it should be functional by working across a variety of mediums and applications, both horizontal and vertical.

    • Appropriate. Last but not least, your logo must be created to fulfil its purpose: symbolize your hotel’s brand according to your potential guests’ preferences.

    Search for trends among consumers

    Since your hotel’s logo is often the first impression your prospective customer will have, you need to make sure you are well aware of the trends within your sector. Consumers nowadays are oversaturated with brand all over. That’s why you can see they gravitate towards some particular brands more than others. Purely because they feel more comfortable and identified with those brands.

    You want your hotel’s brand to be different, of course. So you need to choose whether you want your hotel’s logo to be timeless or you want it to be able to adapt according to your consumers preferences.

    If the second, you have to know what your potential guests might prefer to consume, to make sure they agree with what you want them to see, when they see your brand. That’s why, whether your designer creates a typographic, iconographic or combined logo, you should have in mind these logo trends:

    • Monoline logos consist in solid simple lines, creating icons and drawings that will defined your hotel’s brand in a minimalistic and effective way.

    • Handcrafted mostly for those hotels which are suited with flair calligraphies for their typographic logos which convey elegant and artistic values.

    • Vintage logos featured in themed hotels and other tourist related businesses which want their brand to be allied to a more artistic and nostalgic image.

    • Negative space logo for those modern, yet minimalistic hotels which have consumers more comfortable with black and white designs that can also be creative.

    Reproducibility is your best friend

    Now, it’s crucial that your creative designer is able to have in mind your logo applications. As we said before, your logo must be versatile among other things because is the most visual aspect of your hotel’s brand. So in behalf reproducibility your designer must consider:

    • Avoiding very skinny lines that will be reduced to nothing in small sizes and the excessive use of details that will compromise its application.

    • Having consistent white or negative spaces that will make your logo legible, clear and easy to identify.

    • Creating other versions for reproducing shaded logos. Even though they work well on digital media, it’s not so fine on printed ones, such as textiles.

    • Including a reversal logo or a one colour simple version to ensure it will always have a visible application in other scenarios.

    • Having an appropriate colour palette, if needed, that will fit not just the hotel values, but what it will represent for its potential customers.

    What designers think about well know hotel’s logos


    If you consider prestigious hotels as Marriott or Hilton and you look at their logos you might be surprise. They are not the prettiest, the most creative or elegant ones. But when you think of them, credibility and status come to your mind. Their logos, barely changed over time are those timeless ones. They represent those lasting big hotel chains with a prestigious background.

    But not every hotel chain is the same. On the other hand, you have Meliá Hotels International that recently changed dramatically its logo and branding. The same as Sol Meliá, its sub-brand, which when it was bought by Meliá group, adapted its logo. Now both of them have been revamped to suit current trends. Why? In order to highlight the main brand name and approach their prospect preferences.


    So how a designer will apply all this concepts will depend on you and your brand. Then, the end result would be a logo that would identify your hotel immediately, and clearly communicate its products and services to your potential guests.


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