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    Tricks and tools. Build an efficient email marketing loyalty campaign

    Written by: Manon Xenidis

     We recently talked about the importance of the marketing emailing for loyalty programs. Today we are going to give you some tips to make your email marketing campaign effective and also will explain how to automate the process.


    When you send an email to your customers or potential customers, you should pay special attention to each detail. What you want is to capture their attention. Believe us, you'll need to stand out. Do you know how many users receive emails daily? Make them not to repent of given you their data. Let them see that it is worth being subscribed to your newsletter. How? 

    Six essential tricks

    1. Study with your creative team which images or videos to add in your commercial email. Audiovisual elements must always be of the highest quality, optimized and adequate size so they can be viewed from mobile devices (small screens).

    2. Videos work very well in the tourism industry. So do not hesitate to include them in your email campaigns. Although you cannot directly insert a video in emails, you can include an image (simulating the video, with the play button) so, to click it will redirect to the video.


    Video marketing as a tool strategy for converting

    3. How are you going to address to your customers? The vocabulary and tone used must be also studied. Think about who your target is. How will he felt more comfortable? Talking in a more relaxed tone or more formal tone?

    4. Always add call to action (CTA) buttons. Do not miss the opportunity to get a lead. Think which CTA is most suitable for each campaign. With a good CRM you can segment your users according to their interests and offer them personalized content downloadable.

    5. Customize all your campaigns. People want to feel unique and special, never forget! Divide. Your emails should be personalized for two reasons. On the one hand, for customers to feel unique and receive content that they really need or are interested in, and on the other, to recognize and differentiate your brand from the competition. Different target means different content.

    6. Work with responsive email designs. It is estimated that 65% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore it is very important that your emails look perfectly from any screen size. Remember that the interactive elements that you include in your email should also be easier to deal with any mobile device: links should be clicked easily, the font size should not be too small and the images should not be large because otherwise the user will not display them correctly.

    Think that your goal is to highlight, show differently. You will get this showing the personality of your brand. Loyalty is achieved by creating an emotional relationship between your customer and your brand.

    What content should you include in your newsletters?

    Here there are some ideas that maybe you can adapt on your email marketing campaigns. You could send, for example, emails offering your guests exclusive offers. Feeling special always gets attention: they won’t to miss the opportunity to feel exclusive.

    If you still want to have a greater impact on your customers, you can go to your most loyal guests and offer them special treatment directly. For example, a breakfast gift, a limited edition product or a larger discount. Make them an offer they cannot refuse!

    And of course, do not forget to congratulate them on special days such as birthdays or anniversaries. Offer them a gift as a discount or a free night on a special day.

    Tus campañas de emailing atraerán a los usuarios a tu hotel.


    The importance of your database and frequency of mailings

    To offer the right content to your users, you should analyze well your database: take the time to know perfectly what your client needs and what kind of content he wants to receive.

    Did you know that customized messages increases email openings a 365%? This means that if you offer the right content to the right customer, your chances of success increase dramatically.

    The content is important, but how often you send your newsletters is also the key. Your email marketing campaigns will not be effective if you invade the inbox of your guests with too much information that they are not interested. Take time to study how often and when you should send your email campaigns.

    The HubSpot tool gives you real data on opening and conversion of your emails. This makes it very easy to work the A/B Test, as you do on actual data. 

    Social networks in your newsletters

    It is also a good idea to include a link to your social networking profiles in emails. In this way, you invite guests to share their experiences at your hotel. Or you can invite them to follow you on your social networks too so you are abreast of all the latest offers.

    You can also use social networks in emails to invite them to special events that are posted on your Facebook profile, for example.

    Automate your email campaigns with HubSpot 

    HubSpot is a perfect software to work Inbound Marketing strategy. HubSpot is a tool focused to work in the new generation of marketing: marketing buyers.

    The platform includes all the tools that a company may need to work on online marketing strategy.  Content management, SEO optimizer, emails marketing, social media management… and obviously, real-time analysis of the results.


    HubSpot is an integrated tool for online marketing strategy

    How can you help HubSpot to create loyalty to customers with your email marketing strategy?

    Automation. HubSpot allows you to automate your emailing campaigns. How? Automatically including the latest content that you have indicated (for example, the latest content from your blog) and by sending when you've scheduled it. You can also manually customize the content or subject of your emails. The options are varied.

    Segmented mails. HubSpot allows you to segment your database to automatically send the right content to the right customer.

    A/B Test. Upon receiving data and analytics in real time from HubSpot, you can work with the A/B Test very effectively. Analyze your emailing campaigns and change some details to see what works best for your target.


    There are many features to work online marketing with HubSpot. If you are interested to know more, check out this infographic

    As you see, emailing work is not so complicated. All is about sending the right content to the right target at the right time… having the right tools! 

    Tips for creating a loyalty program in your hotel

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