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    Email marketing, the darling of your loyalty programs

    Written by: Manon Xenidis

    Times have changed and now you might be surprised to see how email marketing can be useful to turn your customers into loyal guests. Indeed, nowadays emailing is one the most effective tools you can find in marketing

    75% of consumers have recently declared that email is their preferred method of communication with companies. You are starting to see the importance of email marketing, right? The importance is even bigger when your aim is guests’ loyalty.

    We all know that loyalty is necessary to your business. Why? The answer is simple: a loyal customer usually spends 67% more than a new one. On the other hand, 6 to 7 contacts are needed before turning a prospect into a customer which can be very expensive and time consuming.  Besides, 58% of customers said that they open the company emails they receive, and more interesting: 53% said that those emails play a role when purchasing something. Now we are going to see why email marketing is now considered to be the darling of your loyalty programs.


    Including email marketing in your campaign is easy, affordable, direct, and most of all: it is highly effective. Email marketing will help you to communicate much more quickly with your customers. Email marketing can also help you to foster long lasting relationships by building trust, giving way to a 2-way communication and finally letting your guests share pain points with you. You will know them, and then you will be able to better serve their needs and wants at the expense of your competitors.

    Even though it is not complicated, email marketing has to be carried out carefully. If you are already using emailing and you don’t see any improvement in your customers’ loyalty, maybe you are doing it wrong.

    Let us see what might be the reasons why your email marketing campaign is failing.

    Your emails are not responsive

    Do you know that more than 50% of mails are opened on mobile? So ask yourself: How does my email look from a mobile device? Is it possible to read it at all on mobiles?

    Your data is not right

    This simply means that you have to clean your database. Indeed, people are constantly facing changes in their lives which might include changes in their email addresses: you might end up with hundreds of dead addresses within few years if you do not update your database. If you do so, you will have a better response rate.

    Your emails are filtered as spams

    Spam filters as you know are designed to prevent people from receiving mails they did not ask for. But don’t worry, if you do it right that is to say you do not purchase email lists, you send relevant content and respect the unsubscribe option it should be OK. In other words, you should keep in mind the privacy concern principles.

    Now you know what theory sais. An email marketing campaign can help your hotel. You just have to set it up by following our advice and surely you will see results. So don't give up!

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