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    Marketing Automation. Save time, money and increase conversions.

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    An ancient legend tells that a tribesmen who lived in the heart of Africa were trained every day running if a lion would eat them. They lived obsessed with speed. One day, some tourists who traveled to the area gave them their sports shoes... Then they understood that there was no use to train to be the fastest. Sneakers made the difference. If you wear them, you are unreachable. And now you are thinking, what does this story has to do with Marketing Automation? Very simple. This legend shows that a tool, whether shoes or marketing technology can help us to be better and differ from the rest...

    Let’s start the year with new purposes that make you grow. Marketing and technology, in particular the automation of processes will help us save money, time and increase conversions. You just have to choose the right tools and adapt them to your needs. We propose you four processes you should automate. Whether you like it or not.

    1. CRM. Refine and purify the management system of the relationship with customers. It is important that the sales department and marketing go hand in hand to ensure a good service to the user. Hone automation options of your CRM and see how it improves your relationship with customers. There are many and varied in the market, some free and some not, such as: Close.io, Zoho or Pipedrive. For starters, we suggest the AgileCRM. It is easy to use, fresh, dynamic and offers many interesting options.
    2. Content Marketing. According to a study, content creators spend more than a quarter of their time in selecting interesting content for its customers. But there is an option to automate this arduous task. With the right keywords, programs can select texts that help us generate ideas for our own pieces of content. Feedly is, in our humble opinion, one of the best tools on the market.
    3. Social Media Marketing. Social networks have a reason for being that can be fractured by automation. Therefore, we believe that not everything is fine in this area. Just hanging content can be automated, why not. It can help us to organize our time and be more efficient, especially when the delivery of information today requires us to generate content, sometimes every two hours. However, responses in conversations with our customers should never be automated, because the very essence of the social networking would be lost. Zapier, Aweber or Postplanner of Facebook are some of the software that will facilitate this work. SocialOomph is, for us, one of the easiest to use and offers many free options.
    4. Optimizing the Web or App. Measure the usability of your website or your mobile interface is essential for optimizing search engines and design. The real-time monitoring of the actions of the visitors is very important to increase conversions. Do not forget. Tools like HubSpot can help you.

    Remember that, no matter how much you run, if you go without sneakers will be very difficult to escape the lion. Try to be the best in your field with the tools that are on the market ... Look for ones that fit your feet, your gait ... If this exceeds you, contact a good shoemaker. He will design everything according to your need. And you'll see how quickly you escape from the crowd and you will get rid of the evil lion. We are convinced that alone or with help you’ll win this race.[:]

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