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    Online marketing strategies to convert and boost your hotel's direct bookings

    Written by: Cristina García

    Are you attracting enough traffic but you’re not converting those visits into leads? Do you have problems boosting your hotel’s direct sales? Does the loyalty of your guests seem an impossible thing to get? If you feel identified with any of these questions it is because most likely your marketing strategies act independently.

    The solution? The data of your leads and your customers. If you do not know your potential customers well, your buyer personas, it is very difficult for any of the online marketing strategies to have positive results for your business. So defining your buyer personas is an essential step. Don’t skip it!

    Knowing your customers, collect their information.

    In order to get conversions for increasing your hotel’s online bookings, you need to understand who your buyer personas are, why they come to you and how you have to deal with them. You have to find out what their motivations are when they travel, what they expect from that experience, what the worries would be about the trip, how much they would spend on their holiday, etc.

    The more data you get, the better. And how can you get that information?

    1. Conversion Path.

    In order to turn your hotel website visitors into leads, you need to get the contact information of these users. Here, content is your best asset. Offer them in exchange a guide, an interactive map, an interesting calendar, etc. Content that cannot be denied by its appeal.

    CTAs or call-to-actions that we find on the website, in blogs, even in emails, are the buttons or banners that promote these content offers in exchange for the contact details of a visit.

    In this conversion process, the visitor first clicks on a CTA to get a valuable content offer that is attractive and interesting. This call-to-action takes this user to a landing page, which gives him information about that content offering. In exchange for this offer he provides us with his information, by filling out a form with his contact information.


    2. Customer Relationship Management

    In order to manage the relationship that your hotel has with your customer or potential customer these conversion activities (or any other ‘conversation’ you have with them) have to be registered. To facilitate this process, a CRM will help you track the actions of visitors, leads and customers on your website. To know their interests and how to address them at any time.

    Having a database of all contacts will allow you to effectively optimize future interactions and to encourage the conversion of leads into customers, customers into your brand promoters and repeater guests. With a CRM you can manage the communication you have with your contacts at each stage of their purchase cycle.

    A CRM will also allow you to segment your contact list based on those buyer personas, in order to think about personalized marketing actions that get better results than the ones you were getting so far. This way you will better target the content.

    How? By…

    Feeding their interest with Lead Nurturing

    With Lead Nurturing you can create value relationships with contacts in your database: those that you have targeted in the CRM. This strategy involves adapting the content to each stage of their purchase process (the traveller's journey) fostering trust and offering value. In this way you get contacts to advance in their cycle so they get sooner to the moment of booking. Your ultimate goal. For this you must incorporate different marketing techniques:

    1. Emailing

    Email is still important because 95% of online consumers use it and 91% check it daily, plus it allows you to create a very personalized message.

    Use segmented lists to send specific content campaigns according to your buyer personas.

    Evaluate how much interest they have in your content based on the data you have collected in your CRM.

    Personalize emails (and issues) for greater engagement. We like to be known

    Apply a responsive design, since 70% of users open emails from mobile devices.

    Incorporates other actions. Includes links to other offers, CTAs ... and allows your recipients to share email on social networks.

    2. Automation

    Along with emailing, process automation is critical for 'nurturing' the interest and trust of our contacts. Automating processes and saving data in our CRM allows us to implement actions in a more efficient way and with greater control of specific tasks: generate automatic responses to new leads, inform or send content, create notifications for your team, etc.

    Automations will allow both your sales team and your marketing team to work towards the same goals. By generating workflows you can not only schedule content submissions to segmented lists, but also send notifications and notices to your teams for controlling and analysing results.

    Getting direct bookings through loyalty

    One of the major problems that hotel chains have is registering their guests in different databases. This is a problem that makes it difficult to implement loyalty programs. And without these programs it not easy to get satisfied customers, repeater customers. By using a CRM within a global marketing strategy this problem is solved.

    The experience of the tourist is vital, since a consumer satisfied with the products and services of your hotel is the most suitable person to be loyal. Identifying these guests is important. Registering their feedback in your CRM will allow you to devise loyalty actions and send content designed specifically for them.


    By working smart content through email marketing and social networks, so your customer knows the advantages of loyalty.

    By using automation to manage all the efforts of your loyalty program.


    As you see boosting the direct sales of your hotel depends on the implementation of the appropriate strategies in each phase of conversion (as it is known in marketing, the sales funnel). These strategies based on the appropriate data of your contacts will allow you to take the appropriate actions at any time. What you need is the proper customer data logging system. You need targeted lists and the right CRM.

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