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    Know the keys to open up your emails

    Written by: Cristina García

    Email campaigns are measured mostly by the mail open rate. Therefore, it is vital to include a powerful, highly attractive business, so our user will open it automatically just after reading. From Amara Marketing Engineering will give you 5 keys to help you get your emails opened. There are no infallible keys, but if you meet all, undoubtedly you will have a great deal of chance of success.

    Shhhh! This is our secret. We trust on you and hope that you do not spread it:

    1. Creative, original and direct. The subject should be striking, imaginative and innovative. Avoid overly flashy or pretentious sentences. Ideally, a direct sentence that describes our aim and call to action (open the mail). If you send newsletters avoid that they always have the same issue. If you want to emphasize continuity, get another way ... but never repeat subjects.
    1. Incorporate numbers. One of the keys to successful subject sentences that few know is that it should include numbers. Why? Very simple. According to relevant studies, the numbers help to stare. The scanning that make our eyes stops while reading and found a figure, speed is reduced and we pay more attention.
    1. Customize. We all like to feel unique. Clearly, if we use the first or last name, it depends on our interest, we will receive more “opnenings”. Although we must also consider the possibility of customization through the location. If we put the name of the city, it is greater segmentation. Try to avoid the mass media and focus your aim towards full segmentation.
    1. Brief and concrete. There are several theories regarding the length . Some experts determine that a subject should be between 20 and 50 characters. Moreover, a study of Yesware remarks that no matter the length of the subject line to open your mail. We believe that less is more. The shorter and concrete message, the better. Furthermore, we must consider that nowadays Smartphones open almost half of the mails sended, and they show only between 4 and 7 words.
    1. Avoid forbidden words. There are certain words such as offers, discounts or sex that may cause our e mails be classified as spam, something we should avoid at all costs. For this reason we must be extremely cautious and take into account this factor. On this website you'll find other conditions for which a mail becomes spam. In addition, we should not use sentences with no correct structure, symbols, extra points or capitals, as in written language is interpreted as shouting.

    Usually the success of our campaigns is measured by the rate of opening e-mails, although we must not forget that there are other equally or more important factors to measure the effectiveness as shared mail or clicks made on links published. If you really want results, contact experts. They will solve all your doubts and will lead to success.[:]

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