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    How to increase your hotel booking through OTAs and metasearch.

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    When you think about increasing your hotel booking through OTAs (Booking, Expedia…) and metasearch (Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak…) certainly comes to your mind that the price, the comments and the location are important. The good news is you're not wrong, because these elements are key to your users, though they are not enough if you want to get a big boost to your reservations. In fact, a recent study by TripAdvisor indicates that 77% of reserves is motivated by the services available that bring added value to consumers.

    Now let's do an exercise. Take some time and analyze what services your hotel can offer. Afterwards, prioritize them because every consumer has a limited ability to retain information and more in an online environment where we are infoxicated. Once prioritized, think about how to present them through content such services so that your client sees that add value and help you build experiences during your trip. In short, you have to think about how to identify those that appeal to its customer base in order to increase reserves.

    At this point, you ask what additional services are those which value drive more conversions in reserves. Well don’t worry, because in the same study TripAdvisor offers some clues as the ones bellow:

    • The availability of free WiFi in the room positively affects 74 % of users at the time of booking.
    • The breakfast included in the price positively affects 60% of cases.
    • The room amenities influence in a positive way to the 58 %.
    • Free transfers from and to the airport are good for 35%.

    Also attractive additional services facilitate building relationships with your best customers, while the price is a good hook but not a key element in loyalty.

    At this point you already know which services can provide your hotel. Then it's time for you to check if those services are included in all search engines and metasearch engines where your product has online presence. Many of these websites allow you to manage the content of your hotel, so take advantage to produce content that show the value you offer with your services .

    In summary and to recapitulate. Focus on to check that your hotel is announced with an adequate content in OTAs and metasearch engines; listen to your customers and use that information as if it were a treasure to prioritize your service offerings and satisfy thus your customers. So you will get more loyal customers and you will increase your bookings.[:]

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