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    7 ways to prepare your hotel website for Christmas

    Written by: Isha Sesay

    Christmas brings out the best in many people and consumers are increasingly creative with their gifts. Many of them value experiences over material gifts and that is where trips can come into play. While Christmas promotes the consumption of tourism products and services, potential travellers will start to value the different options available on the Internet.

    According to the theformationscompany.com website, holiday shopping accounts for 40% to 80% of annual sales for many brands. If the high retail season of your hotel is during the winter, then you could get a higher rate in room occupation. However, with hotels that have a different seasonality, it is possible to take advantage of the attraction of Christmas to improve anticipated sales.

    You have probably already begun to create promotional campaigns with discounts for stays in your hotels. But the truth is that these special offers in the festive season are the normality. In fact, it is an idea that is shared across your competition and in truth, not the only thing you can do on the website of your hotel or hotel chain. For this reason, it is key that you express the same spirit as your consumers, taking into account that certain modifications of your website in time for Christmas can make a big difference and bring you enormous benefits. Which are the best changes to make?



    Dress your website up with Christmas elements

    Does it really matter if you adapt the website of your hotel to the Christmas season if you have already included related offers? The short answer is yes, so think of it in another way. Why are the front of department stores dressed in their best Christmas finery with lights and decorations? Why are there trees and Christmas plants in stores? The answer is because in this way, an appropriate environment is created, which puts potential customers in a festive mood and makes them more likely to make purchases.

    Although your hotel website is ready for conversions and designed to meet the preferences of your potential consumers, many people change their mindset during the festive season. Therefore, in this case, dressing your website with Christmas elements not only makes it visually more attractive, but it also means that it is more active, dynamic, fresh and in tune with your consumers.

    In addition, what is considered as a seasonal redesign can also help you create a sense of urgency for the expiration of the holiday itself and therefore improve the sales of your rooms. The use of different elements and colours can help you to direct the attention of your visitors to the products or services you ae offering and convey the message that they should be in a hurry to purchase them. How can this be done exactly?

    1. Adding special Christmas effects.

    The most obvious thing, and that many brands make, is to change its header image to a more festive one. While this is a practice that we recommend, you could still make some simple modifications. By remaining elegant and adapting to the demands of your own website, you could add special effects that add to the Christmas spirit.

    • On the buttons of your menu. First you can add a "Special Christmas" with exclusive offers with a deadline. Second, you can add some magic, changing colours or adding brightness.
    • Adding elements with a life of their own. Images such as ones of mistletoe and which do not interrupt the user's experience, content consumption or are not too intrusive to the margins of your pages. Adding parallax effect or other elements or including snow effect on some of your pages, such as your homepage.

    2. Adapting, if possible your logo and colours.

    Renewing your brand logo can give you a stronger presence and even help you generate more brand awareness for your business. This small effect can help you to connect with your clients, since you will be sharing the same Christmas spirit. This another tool to attract the attention of users and to announce promotions for this season.

    Adapting the logo does not mean that you have to design one from scratch. The truth is that for your customers to recognize your brand, changes should be minimal e.g. a few touches that give a festive flair would be sufficient. Although it may be that the composition of some logos will not allow for this, it is usually possible to add some decorative element to it, such as snowflakes, gift boxes, Christmas balls, Santa hats and snowmen.

    You may decide to adapt the corporate colours of your website, thinking about a changing the colour of a pattern for the season. In this case, the colour that represents Christmas is red, and in addition to it symbolising Christmas, it also expresses urgency and is a good tool to promote limited offers.

    3. Give prominence to your offers.

    If your offers don’t normally take a prime position in your homepage, for this season it is essential that it be one of the first things that users see when they enter your website. If you want them to be at the top of the mind of your consumers, these promotions should have a more dominant role and should be located in the header itself. If you are not offering any kind of promotion, you can simply use a banner to wish your visitors a happy holiday.

    Do remember that these are only ideas and does not mean that you must implement them all at once. In many occasions less is more and although for this season you changes to your website to complement your brand and to be tuned to Christmas without losing its own essence. 

    Generate content with love.

    4. Create information about the Christmas traditions in each of your destinations.

    Christmas is not celebrated the same way throughout the world and the truth is that this tradition has unique characteristics in each place. In general terms, creating content related to destinations (that most interest your business) can help you position yourself better in search engines. Now imagine that some user is looking for how Christmas is celebrated in a specific destination where you have one of your hotels available, would it not be ideal for your brand to inform this potential consumer about the advantages of spending their holidays in this destination?

    Your blog entries or the creation of pages for the celebration of this holiday can help attract users, but also can serve as a resource to offer relevant content through other channels. An example of this would be the creation of a travel guide where you could explain how to enjoy Christmas at the destination in 5 days. Another would be to include this content in your Christmas newsletter.

    5. Send Christmas newsletters to segmented lists to get a better conversion.

    During this period, most people who make online purchases will receive a large number of congratulatory newsletters. Yours must have a suggestive and attractive subject line that marks the adequate expectations of the content that they will find.

    For this you must make more than one newsletter and send them a list which has been segmented according to the preferences of your customers. For example, if you have guests who only travel in the summer season, you should not invest so much time in creating a spectacular newsletter when it may be that another part of your clientele is more likely to make a purchase for this period.

    It should include offers that are the most attractive according to the information that you have in your database, in respect to previous reservations or queries and should include content that could inspire them. Perhaps a part of your database has already shown interest in your Christmas content. In a case like this, do make sure that what you offer in your newsletter can make them advance in their shopping cycle. animation-christmas

    6. Show the changes made to your establishment for Christmas. 

    Has the decoration of your hotel been changed especially for this holiday? Have you prepared a special menu that guests can enjoy on the holiday dates? If so, do make sure it is reflected on your website, preferably on the homepage, where you can dedicate a special section to this content.

    Prepare images, gifs or even videos that tell a special story. Remember that the storytelling of this particular content will generate more engagement. Importantly, do create the right expectations. Perhaps unique experiences have been prepared for this season?

    7. Make a corporate video with your employees and share in your networks. 

    There is no better way to show the Christmas spirit than by sharing your employees' own festive spirit. As we have said previously, creating a video with a story is always more appealing, with classic hotel video marketing being a product that is commonly consumed. Users demand real experiences and for this reason creating special stories that are related to Christmas is a good way to congratulate and create content for your potential consumers.

    Do remember adapting to mobile devices and posting to social networks where most video content is consumed. For this reason, you must not only include it on your website, but also on other channels that allow you to achieve a greater reach and dissemination of this audio-visual content.



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