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    What are prosumers? Learn how to create them

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Internet, social networks and, in general, new technologies have led to the creation of a new figure: the prosumidor, or prosumidor in Spanish. Prosumer is a word created through the union of consumer + producer, understanding by producer a person who produces, generates, online content.

    This term was born in 1980 from the hand of Alvin Toffler, American writer and futurist, doctorate in letters, laws and science, known for his discussions about the digital revolution. Among his books, he emphasizes The Third Wave, where he defines the illiterate person of the future. 

    "An illiterate person will be one who does not know where to go to find the information he or she needs at a given time to solve a specific problem. The person formed will not be a base of immovable knowledge that they have in their mind, but depending on their abilities to know what you need in each moment. "

    Alvin Toffler



    Words wise and very interesting, don’t you think? Toffler was a visionary and predicted the social changes that would provoke the new technologies in the era of the information, as well as the changes in the model of consumption. A prosumer is a new profile that we must keep in mind when designing a marketing strategy. In fact, if we focus information well, they can become our great ally. But what are the reasons for having the strength of a prosumer?

    Know the buyer persona

    Before starting any marketing strategy, you must define very well your person buyer. You know, they are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. They help us define who this audience is that we want to attract and convert; And, in this particular case, delight to become prosumers.

    Elaborate the profiles of the person buyers in the aid, above all, humanization and understanding in more detail their personality, how they are, age, where do they live, how is their family, what tastes they have, what interests they have, what worries, what’s important for them, what information they like to consume and share, and what platforms they use.

    But beware, there are two types of prosumers. The prosumers and the negative ones. Yes, yes, customers who like to spread negative information online about your company. If you must keep in mind the prosumers, you should take into account the negative prosumers, also known as the trolls, too. Think that a negative comment can ruin your neat professional career carved for years. But it's a separate publication. Now we will focus just on prosumers and how to promote their creation.


    Identifies the most appropriate channel

    If your buyer feels comfortable on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, for example, you should focus on these platforms and forget all the others. With so many different channels, you may find it difficult to know where to insist. Therefore, we propose that they implement the Bullseye strategy. This technique, implemented by Sujan Patel, co-founder of ContentMrketer.io, will help you organize your platforms.

    First of all, you'll need to identify the networks that will help you create traction that is, help you turn visits into leads, leads into potential leads, and potential leads into customers. But here, labor does not end at the close of conversion. Identify which platform focuses on the final stage of funnel journey, loyalty / promotion.

    As PayPal's billionaire founder Peter Thiel said " “Poor distribution—not product—is the number one cause of failure. If you can get one single distribution channel to work for you, you have great business. If you try for several but don’t nail one, you’re finished.” So, identify your target, determine the main channel and go for it.

    How to get content, which produces information

    Do not forget that the prosumers are within the methodology of incoming marketing, so, the creation, distribution and consumption of content are very important, basic practices. This phenomenon, clearly in the trend, is known as user generated content.

    But you cannot pretend that the guests of your hotel generate content, just like that. You must pave the way and make it easy. You should create your own hashtags, organize contests and maximize participation. Make your customers, great ambassadors of your brand because they have a lot of credibility.

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