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    Publish on your hotel social media following these tips

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Undoubtedly, your hotel needs to be in social networks, but being is not enough. You should also keep your profiles attractive, updated and, above all, full of content for your audience.

    A user who is interested in following your brand through social networks should easily recognize what fanpage or Twitter profile are the official. That is why your social profiles must also be recognizable. Include a brief description of your hotel and a link to your website. Tell the user that he is clicking on the right place.

    A successful campaign begins with great content

    A marketing strategy is effcient if you publish exclusive, relevant, useful and educating content. Whether it is texts, visuals or both, publish what people want to read otherwise nobody will read the posts. Posts with images tend to be viewed almost 90% more than other type of content.

    Users declared that visuals are more influential in their buying process than other type of content. So, work with video marketing on your social media profiles!

    Find a balance between informative and promotional content. We know, what you want is to sell but your followers need informative, educational and entertainment content too.


    The importance of your content on social media.

    The success of the visual social networks

    It is no coincidence that the new social networks are visual, such as Snapchat or Instagram. And others, as Facebook, promote new features to share more and better videos and images (Facebook 360º or Facebook Live).

    Don't copy, but improve what the competence do. Create your own content, make your users participate with contests, but, above all, do not underestimate the audiovisual content.

    #Hashtags beyond Twitter

    Hashtags are labels that tell the users what we are talking about in our social media posts. Although they were born with Twitter, now these tags can already be used in almost all social media.

    Include at least one hashtag in your posts (especially on Twitter and Instagram). Then, the users will be able to find you more easily according to the subjects in which they are interested. And they can become your followers if they like your content!

    Do you need influencers?

    You need to have as followers, influencers with a big audience. Tag them in your posts, mention their names or websites. The aim is to make them like and share your posts with their own followers so that they create content for you and your posts will gain more visibility.

    You can also have celebrities as followers: they like and comment your posts, they tag your hotel in their own post. The process can be very long, but if you keep publishing relevant and consistent content, your efforts will pay off. Be patient!

    Interact and talk with your fans

    When you post something and your fans comment, you need to take time to answer. When somebody tags your hotel in his posts, you should share it tagging him in your own post. This is a way to thank him.

    If you decide to allow your fans to send you private message, this is crucial that you have time to answer to each and every request they might have.

    Consumers are less likely to purchase from a company that leaves questions on social media unanswered. And most of them are affected by other customer comments on a brand’s social pages, and so it follows that consumers will be also affected by your responses to questions they see raised over social media.

    Social networks automation.

    Essential tools

    - Buzzsumo: tool to find out what contents have been more shared on social media and what people post about the dierent topics published. Buzzsumo also allows finding influencers that can help a hotel gaining more visibility.

    - Hootsuite: most popular social network management tool, which allows managing different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Hootsuite allows managing dierent social media accounts and assessing campaign results. You can also schedule posts on the dierent platforms you’re using.

    - Buffer: software application through which you manage your different social media accounts. Your can schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

    In this post you can find other professional tools to automate and analyze your social networks.

    Increase your guest loyalty using social media

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