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    Rate Parity. 3 Elegant Tips.

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    If you're an hotelier, whether big or small, you should channel your efforts to strengthen your booking engine. OTA giants are already dealing with drawing a bright future for rate parity law. Obviously, you must let help you with your business, enrich the market, betting on the various sales channels... but do not let them control your own home.

    As the saying goes, "every law has its loophole." Quiet! We're not encouraging you to cheat, but we're going to give you 3 tips that will let you "fight" rate parity. In an easy, simple and elegant way. Also, remember that there is a legal gap in this area and today there are already many European courts that declare illegal this clause. Without going any further, the Superior Court of Düsseldorf last January 9.

    On many occasions, the hotel industry lags behind other sectors in terms of technological innovation. Possibly, in this particular aspect will be the same. Do you want to know which strategies do online sales channel guru implement to prevent rate parity? Write down! 

    • Email Capture Pop-up It offers the best deal to your potential customer. Ask for their email at the beginning of navigation and send a hidden page with private savings right in the moment. If the customer decides not to give you their email at the beginning of his connection, try at the, promising to send interesting offers.
    • Private discount page Lead your online visitors to a private page directly, and offer them a hidden discount, a code that allows them to receive offers available at the moment. You must avoid the typical trick subscription because customers want instant gratification. Play their game.
    • Auto Responder There are many different tools that help automate email marketing. But use care and, as possible, personalize. If not doing so, it can come up against. If you do it right, you can tune a lot on the mailing of personalized coupon, at the right time, etc. One of the most popular for its easy usability is MailChimp, but beware, if you have more than 2,000 subscribers is no longer free.

    Remember, if you put into practice a campaign, measure the results. Advances in applications to measure the impact of these strategies are spectacular, while you may find yourself in the middle of an ocean aimlessly. You know that, for this and much more, the best thing is to go to a specialized agency ... avoid sinking.

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