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    Should I choose between online marketing or traditional marketing?

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    Do you know any tourist business with no marketing strategy at all? I bet you don’t. Ultimately any company wants its product or service to be out there. Any tactic you use to be notice for your potential customers, any value proposition that distinguishes you… it’s the way you do marketing.

    Obviously, the market science and consumer behavior’s patterns have changed a lot through time. The digital revolution boosted marketing on the Net, especially for the tourism sector. And more recently we found Inbound is moving everything around once again. But there’s still remaining strategies of traditional marketing. So you may be wondering… should I choose between online marketing or traditional marketing?

    No, right now that’s the answer. We’ll see in the future. So, if you want to know why, you need to understand these key points:

    Consumer behavior is constantly changing

    Understanding consuming patterns is sometimes difficult, because you need to keep analyzing every step consumer takes in the traveler’s journey in order to optimize your strategy.

    Nowadays users are no longer tolerant, but discuss about products and services when considering they don’t live up to the hype. And not just that, since they compare and research long before the purchase decision-making. They don’t mind about what you’re saying about yourself, but about what others say about you.

    Travelers are looking for value. You need to make sure you deeply care about your reputation and content offer, so you’re not just your product or service, but your valuable to them. And be aware of all those changing patterns, that for sure will make you revise your methodology.

    Traditional marketing is still alive

    Even though digital revolution has helped changing consumer behavior, there’s still a sector who’s consuming content on traditional media channels and ultimately booking on travel agencies.

    For that reason, you need to consider if you’re approaching your potential customers the right way. If they are consuming content through traditional or on new social media platforms, you have to create content to attract them there. You have to be where your potential customers are.

    They say outbound marketing is dead. That’s not true at all. It’s not always that simple.

    Traditional marketing controlling the message that the company is sharing, has to evolve in order to be adapted to new consumers’ preferences. Offline tactics of this type of marketing still can reach a considerable amount of prospects, when done right. 

    Plus, your Sales department won’t disappear, you just need to consider its integration with the Marketing department in order to have a good Smarketing team working together.

    On the other hand, more outbound techniques of online marketing, such as PPC or SEM are necessary in the first stage of Attraction, mostly when your company cannot spend time on a relevant content strategy for SEO.

    Advantages and disadvantages of Inbound Marketing

    This kind of new online Marketing is focused on the conversion stage to generate qualify leads that will Close into customers when they’re ready. Ensure conversion is huge!

    This methodology relies on analyzing buyer personas (your different travelers) and all the strategies implemented within the traveler’s journey. It’s cheaper than traditional marketing and it’s proved to be effective.

    But, it takes time. On one hand, you need to spend time on analyzing, creating relevant content and nurturing leads. It’s easier when you automatize, but it’s still an investment. Besides, if you want results right away, you won’t get them, because this is a method that works in medium term, yet it works wonders.

    As you see, you need to invest the right money and time. And no matter if you choose between the two, because you can all techniques and incorporate them into your methodology. Customize your marketing!

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