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    3 new trends for Smartphone in 2016

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    Mobile is the winning horse in technological devices. Undoubtedly, today, it takes the cake. According to recent statistics, in 2015 more than 50 percent of searches on Google were made from a Smartphone, families spent more time using their mobile than watching television in American homes, and the inhabitants of UK used an average of two hours a day more in front of a Smartphone than computers. The figures demonstrate it.

    But smartphones still have a long way to go. Maybe this year will mark the turning and all the small shops support mobile payment. Can you imagine that the next New Year's Eve this technique is so popular that the two billion people who have this device go out leaving their wallet at home?

    It is clear that we have much to see, but there are things that already exist and we must adapt.

    The video-Mobile

    According to the global telecommunications company Cisco, based in San Jose (California), the mobile data traffic grew almost 70 percent in 2014, 55 percent of them are intended in videos. As mobile video grows, so does mobile video advertising.

    In this sense, Google recently announced that it will incorporate video ads in search results.

    This trend is reinforced by the fact that advertisers are creating a new ad format specific of video-phone of 15 seconds or less to run on applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and snapchat. To all this must be added the video in 360 degrees, giving users a more advanced level of immersion in information.

    The marketing Smartphones

    On mobile devices, the location becomes the new cookies. Our mobile knows everything and also knows where exactly we are. Therefore, we can offer really valuable information in space / time. Computer automation in marketing, until recently, was a required clause to large companies. Today, it has become imperative for marketing in small and medium enterprises. You know how valuable it is to receive information from a hotel when you just landed in ... Palma de Mallorca? Or information of the perfect restaurant at 8 pm settled just a hundred meters from your location? Today, ads can get at the right time and the right place.

    The specific ads for Smartphone

    After allowing ad blockers (those evil and terrifying tools that are installed in the browser to block ads), IOs9 showed what was obvious: traditional online ads do not work on Smartphones. If you want to be visible on the Internet (that is, if you want to survive) you must plan your campaigns taking into account these devices and base your strategy on Mobile Advertising, i.e. advertising media optimized for mobile, whether applications (Apps) or Mobile websites with optimized advertising formats.

    Mobile trendsetters and say a lot about its owner. They are the perfect accessory, or rather, a key complement that is already part of the "clothing" of each one. It is more than a watch or sunglasses. Also think it is a tool that allows you to contact each client or prospective client ... Take advantage of it! The technology has been on your side, on your business and marketing side. Get the most out of it!

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