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    Instagram Stories for your hotel, improve your social media strategy

    Written by: Cristina García

    There is no doubt that Instagram Stories has more of just one resemblance to Snapchat. In fact, since the appearance of this new functionality in Instagram last year, Snapchat has been more and more affected in its number of new users growth.

    What’s Instagram Stories?

    Facebook where sees a potential strong competitor, there it hits. For that reason, it soon offered users of its most visual tool an alternative to Snapchat. Instagram Stories is a platform where shared photos and videos (the stories) will last only 24 hours (as in Snapchat!). It is a way to make other types of publications, perhaps not caring so much about the quality, since those stories won’t affect your overall wall’s branding, as they will disappear.

    In January of this year, Instagram Stories published the total number of its daily users: more than 150 million in only five months since it started to work!

    The question now is, can we use Instagram Stories to improve the social media strategy of our hotel or is it just a fun tool for users?

    Instagram Stories as part of your hotel's social media strategy

    The first thing you need to know is if your target audience is on Instagram. If your buyer personas are not part of this social network, it wouldn’t make sense that your hotel has a presence on this platform.

    Even so, it can be said that the tourism sector is one of the most advantageous you can get from platforms as visual as Instagram. Traveling enables to create lots of stories: photos of the destination, of the hotel facilities, leisure of the area... Endless possibilities to capture with their smartphone.

    And you know what? You can actually know which users watched your story! This is a very powerful data for your hotel, since you will know the interest generated by your content among a specific audience, which you will be able to segment more and more.

    Instagram Stories knows its potential for companies. In fact, in January it released new tools to make it easier for companies to launch full-screen ads and to get statistics on their publications. That’s why Instagram Stories is ready for your hotel.

     Instagram Stories.

    Tips for working Instagram Stories

    1. Test, test and test again. Vary the content you publish as well as the time you upload it. That way you can analyse what attracts your followers more, what filters attract their attention and you can even create your own geofilters.

    2. A very important aspect to be successful in Instagram Stories is knowing which hashtags are being used and which ones you can use for your hotel. Not every single hashtag will be worthy. You must find those trends that are related to your sector, establishment and, very important, your destination. Remember that you can use all the hashtags you want in the same publication.

    3. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Social networks imply immediacy and even more this type of ephemeral stories. Upload them in real time without losing the opportunity to explain what is happening at a certain time in your hotel. If it’s not your best production, do not worry, it will disappear in 24 hours. But don’t let that stop you creating content.

    4. Keep up-to-date with new features. Instagram Stories has already made several changes in its operation and has opened up new possibilities for users. Keep innovating and surprising your followers.

    5. Appear among the first 9 stories positioned by a hashtag. The more interactions in less time your story has, the better positioned your picture will appear when searched for a certain hashtag. Ideally, you should appear in the 'gallery' of a particular hashtag. These walls or 'galleries' are formed by a collage of 9 photographs, the best positioned ones with more possibilities to be seeing by users.


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