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    The importance of social media in tourism: Facebook and Twitter

    Written by: Dounia Senouci

    Over the years, social media have become a phenomenon. Today, they are no longer only used by Millenials but also by Boomers. As you may know, there are a lot of social media but Facebook and Twitter remain the most influential social media when promoting your hotel so never overlook the importance of social media in tourism.

    Before dealing with the upsides of using Facebook and Twitter, let’s talk a little bit about figures.

    Facebook is most popular social network with 1,55 billion monthly users and more than 450 million daily users. 89% of Facebook users are Millenials. 42% of Facebook users publish more travel related posts than any other topic. It is considered as the king of social media especially in the tourism industry.

    Twitter counts with almost 320 million users, 32% of them are Millenials. It is estimated that 37% of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow.

    Facebook and Twitter allow you to be on social platforms where there are a lot potential clients. Furthermore, it is very easy to use them and you can create an account very quickly. Through these two social media, hotels can easily provide relevant and consistent information and they can also answer to the users’ requests. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to interact with users who are looking for a hotel and they consider your hotel as an option.

    Do not forget that when you interact with users who publish a post on your wall, you are increasing your chance to gain visibility. In fact, when they post something on your wall, it appears on their friends’ newsfeed so their friends might like your page as well.

    Social media can also be used as a customer service through which guests ask questions and give their opinion whether it is good or not and you, as a marketer, answer directly through your account. Never forget that their feedback is essential since it will help you figure out what works and what you have to improve. Ultimately you can retain customers and attract new ones.

    Never forget that people attribute more importance to what people say about your hotel than what you say about it.  

    Promoting your hotel and spreading your message on social media cost almost nothing. However, you have to diversify the content you publish. Do not publish just texts, you need to publish visuals sometimes since it is estimated that visuals are more compelling than texts.

    Whatever the kind of content you decide to publish, your posts have to be consistent, interesting and compelling. Your content has to be as direct as possible and has to catch users’ attention.

    Quality content can make you gain a lot of visibility and increase your profit on a long-term basis.

    Facebook and Twitter are your best opportunities to create relationships with your guests and create a community. Once you have created a community, you will easily find advocates who will share your content with they own friends or community and they will become your hotel’s promoters

    Nowadays, people are more and more using social media on their phone. In fact, almost 38% of Europeans and 60% of Americans use social media on their phone. It allows them to be online all the time and it allows you, as a marketer to communicate with them whenever you want and wherever you want.

    Social media are a reality, so it you have not embraced Facebook and/or Twitter yet, jump on the bandwagon!


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