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    Ultimate solutions to increase hotels’ direct bookings

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    We have already talked many times about how important hotel’s direct bookings are. Yes, we know. Working with OTAs is an added value to your business, helps you and supports you at any time, in any situation. It’s like a mattress that ensures you your income... Although, it would be amazing if we could increase direct bookings without annoying the big OTAs. Don’t you think? Well, today we bring you an analysis of solutions to increase hotels’ direct bookings. Take note of the solutions!

    Web booking engines

    One of the key factors is to invest in your website. Investing both time and money. Honestly, there is no other way. No need much reflection to explain how important the booking engine is to grow your guests’ number.

    We have paved the way for you. Here is a selection of companies that we consider most interesting. Siteminder which is a company from London, the multinational Texas-based Sabre, or Dingus from Mallorca (Spain). 


    There are companies that specialize in a set of products, tools, combining technological advances with personalized and customer-oriented services. Undoubtedly, it is a very good solution to increase your direct bookings.

    Triptease, based in London and New York; Hotel Network, the Australian company, and the American Flip.to are some of the most important examples.

    Inbound Marketing

    It is definitely, a methodology that increases the conversion without using intrusive techniques.

    HubSpot is a powerful tool born from and to the essence of inbound marketing. This is a very elegant and very effective way to increase direct bookings on your business.

    Inbound Marketing to increase hotels’ direct bookings 

    Amara is a HubSpot partner and we are convinced that we can help you to leverage this methodology once you have decided to launch this technique to get more customers. Marketing world is changing day by day and if you want your business to succeed, you have to step forward and out of your comfortable zone. We will make this step easier for you!



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