Stand out your tech product from the competition

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Every day we are exposed to hundreds of calls to consumption. Since we get up and put the radio on to listen to news or turn on the smartphone to see if we have any message and ... wham! We start with commercials. Thousands of companies compete to sell us something. Do you remember this nice Volkswagen Golf commercial? We all want to be the first and stand out from the rest, but only one gets it. If your sperm got it, now you can get it too. You will be able to stand out your tech product from the competition and to be the leader in the sector.

    Keep calm, we are not saying that the only solution is to hire one of the advertising agencies with more creative reputation as the one responsible of the Golf ad or invest in traditional marketing... Today we will give you, from our humble opinion, some tips that will surely help you, a lot, to stand out from the competition, and to be the first on your branch.

    Possibly, like most technology companies, you're too focused on your product and do not have time to promote your company well enough. It is not that you are not worried about it, but you may not know where to start. But have you ever stopped to think why companies like Nike, Coca-cola and Camper triumph among the crowd?

    Yes, Coca-cola has the magic formula but this one as well as Nike or Camper are unique. Do you know the secret? Convey passion. Behind each one there is a personal story that makes you feel something ... plus comfortable walking or cool drinking, of course.

    Nike does not transmit its customers the quality of its sports shoes, if they are sewn with a special fabric or if the sole, which hides an air chamber, is made with an unbreakable material. What Nike conveys is that if you wear them, you will feel unique and you will able to jump like Michael Jordan or shoot as Leo Messi. Nike and big brands, which have astronomical amounts invested in traditional marketing, convey passion.

    If we focus on the big technology brands, look, their ads also focus on touching the heart. Watch Nokia commercial. Do you remember? It is clear that each of the sequences is designed to reach depths of our feelings.

    Another example of technological leader: Google doodles. It is the most popular graphic element of your browser. As you know, periodically the logo changes to commemorate an event. They are so popular that there is even a website where you can consult all of them.

    So, now you know it. Think about how you can offer your potential customers something special, that touches them and make them feel unique. In the sector of the technology industry, believe me, competing on price is not a good long-term strategy. You should offer something else, something personal, and something that touches their heart and make them feel unique.

    One of the many phrases that Steve Jobs, Apple's founder, left us says:


    "Innovation is what



    from other companies"


    It is clear that Apple could innovate in product because it is a company with a great human and technological capital and, of course, it seems to be very easy to stand out from the competition... But beware. I personally believe that innovation is not just about the product. Try to innovate surprising the customer. Offer him something different. Perhaps in the form of packaging, in the timing, in some small detail ... but something that will reach their heart.

    But before thinking about how to surprise your customer, do you know really who you are? Do you know how your customers are? No matter how hard it may seem that phrase, you should not dream about running if you have trouble walking.

    It seems that navel-gazing is an act not highly valued. But for marketing it is essential. The first thing to do is think about who I am, who my company is and where do I want to go. It is therefore very important to develop what we call a DDC strategy. DDC means Define yourself Differentiate and Communicate. It is popularly known as Corporate Profile.

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