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    Storytelling. The key that opens all doors.

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    The narration of the same event may be totally different according to its "storytelling", its way of being told. And feelings play a major role on it. You might ask why?

    The Spanish writer and illustrator Elena Ferrándiz says that memory is woven day by day with feelings, because it is easier to remember a feeling or an emotion than a phrase, an image, a sound ... However, if each of these elements evokes e feeling, surely it will be easier to hold it in the memory.

    In fact, a neuroscientific study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published in the journal Nature reveals the brain circuitry that controls how memories are linked to positive or negative emotions and it shows that connection. The mind is wonderful and marketing must take full advantage.

    For all this, storytelling is the key that opens all the doors of video marketing. It is the magic that is generated in each story and helps to retain information in memory.

    But it is not enough to write a story, record it on video, spread it and cross your fingers. Look at this example of Marriot, French Kiss, and let yourself go...



    Did you have the same experience? We could not stop seeing this great production. So, you will have seen that it lasts, no more nor less than 24 minutes. In our opinion, the good, if brief, is twice good ... Although in this case, we take off the hat because it is really good.

    Ideally, the video should last about one minute. Either way, there are five essential aspects that you must keep in mind and that make the difference between a good storytelling and a simple video marketing.

    Conducting thread

    History must have a common thread, a narrative structure very clear and differentiated in three stages: an introduction, a knot and a denouement. It is important to present the characters and the stage first, to narrate the plot or the essence of the story and, finally, to conclusion of the story, of the main action.

    A good storytelling should focus on a poignant story, which evokes some feeling in a drastic, gripping and forceful way. Today we are exposed to a lot of videos. Therefore, ours must be the best, with the best story and told in the best way. It must make us vibrate. 


    Despite all the force and impetus of the narration, we must not ignore the golden rule of journalism that consists of responding to the 5 w's to contextualize the video.

    What. Explain the experiences that can be lived in your hotel or in the destination. Content that inspires. We must strive and try to build an emotional connection with our audience. The secret is to tell the story in such a way that the audience wishes to experience it. A good story goes beyond an establishment, the building itself, the facilities and the service it provides.

    Who. Customize the story. Show a face on which your audience can feel identified. That is the key that generates the connection with your audience.

    Why. When a lead, for example, is in the second stage of the traveler's journey, he/she wants to be entertained, inspired and informed, because he/she does not just look for a place to sleep. He is looking for an experience.

    Where. In video marketing for hotels, it is essential to associate the experience with a destination. It is clear that a hotel is flown by travelers and travelers move through destinations. If you have a hotel in Paris, the history must undoubtedly happen in the French capital and show the best panoramas of the city, and if you have a beach hotel in Alicante, you should show the coast and the best beaches of fine sand.

    When. The storytelling should also contemplate the when, the season or the seasons in which the hotel wants to highlight its product. For example, if it is a beach hotel, sunny summer days will be the most suitable to display in the video. But everything will depend on the intention behind. Perhaps we have a mountain hotel near ski slopes and that we are interested in promoting the seasons of spring, summer and autumn. Then we can show walks on the mountain, meadows with flowers ... In conclusion, landscapes without snow. 

    Special moment

    Connect with your audience through storytelling and get the highest intensity of empathy in a special moment: in a smile, a gesture, a hug, a look...


    Choose music according to the story and the audience that follows or with which you want to connect. Music is a very powerful tool to get that attraction. In addition, it marks the tempo of the video. 

    Also think about audio in general. Apart from the music, you can incorporate sounds, environmental noises that bring realism to the situation; dialogues between characters and even voice-over, a narrative that conducts the story.

    Choose a voice with personality, well projected, which fit in the storytelling and give it strength.

    Do not forget to adapt the video, its structure and its content, to the social platform for which it has been created. Although you later share it on other platforms, you should adapt it for the one that interests you the most. It's clear that you can upload it to YouTube and share the link on other social platforms, but it severely limits the potential of the video. 

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