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    How to generate tourism content on social media platforms

    Written by: Dounia Senouci

    In recent years, social media have become one of the most influential and useful tools a company can use. As a hotel manager, you need to create useful content on your social media platforms since using social media has allowed to boost hotels occupancy.

    In the U.S., more than 90% of the population expects companies to have a social media account. 

    Here are some tips you can use in order to increase your visibility on social media and have a consistent content.

    Promotional or informative content 

    You first have to strike a balance between what you publish to promote your hotel and what you post to inform your buyer persona. Through social media you can quickly inform your guests about offers and discounts. However, by promoting too much your business you could lose members.

    Humanize your business 

    People need to know that they are interacting with an actual person and not with a computer. You need to interact with them and make them feel unique through a personalised response. For example, when a consumer is complaining about his experience, you cannot ignore the post, you have to answer and provide a satisfying answer that in the end will make the consumer’s experience positive.

    Appropriate use

    You need to be present on the social platforms that your buyer persona is using. There is no point being on Twitter for example if your buyer persona is not: you are wasting your time and resources. Prioritize social media they use most.

    Involvement of the user

    Encourage people to write about their experience on Trip Advisor or on their travel blog if they have one in exchange for a future discount for example. You can also incite them to like your page on social networks and talk about you through their own account. You can also create hashtags on Twitter or Instagram that people will use when posting a picture for example.

    Do not forget that by involving the user and offering him discounts you make a happy client and a loyal client.


    Never forget that you always need to improve your content because the more you improve your content, the more visible you are. Ultimately, improving your content will allow you to keep up with the competition by differentiating yourself from your rivals.

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