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    The 5 R’s of Marketing

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    In the first class of journalism in college they teach the importance of the 5 w's in the news. 5 questions beginning with w and that must be answered in the first paragraph, if possible, of a story. What, who, when, where and why. It is one of the foundations of journalism, as to contrast the sources. However, this strategy has become very popular and in the world of marketing is no talk of W's, but R's.

    In this sector, increasingly variant and evolving, it is very important to clear always our goal. We must always know what our north is and get closer step by step with each campaign or action. The marketing is very wide so we have to put the limits on our way. How? Knowing the 5 R’s will help you:

    REAL: We refer to Real as honest, authentic ... In the content you create, you must be yourself, be honest with your "public". We no longer say no lying or no copying content ... but be yourself. Sooner or later everything comes to light ... and if it is true, much better.

    RELEVANT: Try to do important content, with important information that cover the needs of your target customers. Scan your world, your environment, and think about what interests them. The message should be, above all, practical. An example, do you run a hotel and it will be a fantastic long weekend pretty soon? Do not hesitate, design the ideal plan for spending a few days in your establishment... Ian Greenleigh points out in his book The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence that the secret lies in focusing the objective on the ego of your customers, not on yours.

    REACH: The scope of a message. In marketing, the importance of a message is not only in the content of the message, but the reach it can get. And with that, we mean the potential audience, the number of people exposed to that message.

    RECEPTIVITY: This is the index to absorb a message. Assuming that your message is direct and clear, it should take into account the time in which the target audience receives the message. Analyse your brand and define the most suitable time slot to send a message, for example, in social networks. If you are a brand of sexy underwear, you are not interested on posting a message at 12 noon on a Monday, aren’t you? Step into the shoes of your audience and find the best moment.

    RESULTS: Always, always, we must always measure the results of a specific marketing campaign. Not doing so is like blowing in the wind or swimming upstream. We have to quantify the results of each of our marketing activities; otherwise, it will be worthless. On this link you will find a very interesting interview.

    It sounds simple, but I assure you it is not. A good content marketing, effective, direct, elegant, that arrives but is not noticed... costs. In fact, experts say that the public should be subjected to seven exhibitions of a message for you decide to purchase a product. You already know it, leave it in the hands of experts and do not try to cover everything. A good content marketing makes the difference.

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