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    The best successful cases on increasing hotels’ direct bookings

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    OTAs have been a fantastic solution en in the market for big and small hoteliers. But make no mistake, our main objective is still get the more direct bookings the better. Obviously, twenty years ago, we wouldn’t even though about this premise. We didn’t have any other way to formalize our booking. Yet, what is difficult now is get it without intermediaries. And it is so hard that the big hotel chains have design specific marketing campaigns exclusively focused on direct booking. Let’s make the most of it! Let’s learn from the big one. Learn about the best successful cases on increasing hotels’ direct bookings.

    Do you know which big chains have been the main ones with the best campaigns to boost direct booking in their hotels? Marriott and Hilton, who else.

    Marriott surprised us all last year with #ItPaystoBookDirect campaign in which they include these great videos uploaded in YouTube: Love and Directness are in the Air with Grace HelbigHow to Land a Job with Grace Helbig.

    it pays to book direct

    They are very funny stories with a clear message: by being direct you get the better.

    That way, only the members from Marriott Rewards loyalty program who booked direct through Marriott.com, Marriot mobile app o by phone, will get the best prices guarantee and additional advantages such as Wi-Fi or the chance to check-in by phone without any additional charges. A direct strategy, very clear and interesting, don’t you think?

    With this campaign, Marriot achieved giving value, strength and integrity to its Brand, and at the same time developed loyalty ties with their customers. It seems easy, right? But it is not, actually. It is a complex campaign with a clear, direct and needed message.

    Hilton, the other big chain, had the same conclusion. Early this year they announced their big advertising campaign: #StopClickingAround. A campaign with a video, simply amazing. Funny,   enjoyable and eye catching. It looks like a music video and the song chosen is Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.

    stop clicking around

    It’s true that online travel agencies have helped a lot to the tourist sector, but now it’s time to step forward and say -here I am! Although in the past years customers trusted in OTAs to find the most competitive prices… now it is when we need to change this false belief.

    So, if you are a hotelier don’t wait any longer. It’s time to grasp the nettle and go for it. You can offer a lot more. Improved prices, better treatment and service. Don’t hesitate, it’s your time online.

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